14 Poems By Instagram Poet Sean Bates That'll Make You Believe In Magic Of Love

Love, Heartbreak

"I’ll let you trace an outline of my soul and you can paint on the canvas that covers it."

If you’ve ever been in love, then you know how much it can change your view of things. Everything tastes sweeter, the world is much brighter, and in general, you’re probably a more positive person.

You also see more beauty in the world where you might not have before.

Suddenly the rude customers at work don’t bother you as much and you don’t really mind sitting in traffic a little longer than usual.

You might not even notice these changes, but trust me when I say it all has to do with being in LOVE.


One of the things I love best about love poems is that they so easily describe how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking, whereas I would get tongue-tied just trying to express my emotions to someone.

And with Instagram poems especially, the authors are always able to say these things – even simple things like “I love you” – in a way that you can really relate to when you’re in love.

Take the (surprisingly mysterious) Sean Bates, for example. Not only does he write with such eloquence and beauty, but he also writes his poems on a typewriter, bringing an old-school romance to his words.

And all of the poems that he shares on his Instagram have two main themes: love lost and love that makes everything feel new again.


It’s one thing to feel only one of these emotions, but to feel both is something that only beautifully written poems like Sean Bates can describe for us.

While we all may understand how love can make you see the world differently, it can be hard to put it into words, which is why we shared our favorite Instagram poems by Sean Bates here. Then, check out his page for more!

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On finding your home.

“She stood up, and I watched her hair gradually, then suddenly, slide down her back and shoulders like waves slowly coming up to kiss the shore. She turned to me and I met her with a smile. She had eyes like a lighthouse, shining to guide the lost ships. I always did consider myself to be a sailor lost at sea, and to me, she was home.” — Sean Bates

On sharing your soul.

“I’ll let you trace an outline of my soul and you can paint on the canvas that covers it. I don’t need a masterpiece though. Just paint me a pretty picture; something simple and something plain. Just paint me something real.”  Sean Bates

On finding your true love.

“She wrapped herself up in a sheet of stars and never before have I felt more drawn to the universe.”  Sean Bates

On sharing the best part of yourself.

“’I like your smile.’ ‘You should, you gave it to me.’”  Sean Bates

On fighting for love.

“‘What’s love if it’s not worth fighting for?’ I asked her. She set her coffee down; fingers tracing the lines of the cup as she sighed. ‘But what’s worth fighting for it is isn’t love?’“  Sean Bates

On giving someone your heart.

“Your legs tangle with mine the way my fingers tangle themselves into your dark hair. I know it’s a little much to ask, but I want to see what kind of beautiful we can make if I tangled my heart with yours.”  Sean Bates

On how love pulls you in.

“You are the ocean, I am your shore. You kiss me in waves, I hold you so close. Your lips taste like sea salt, I want to dive into you.”  Sean Bates

On loving someone completely.

“She’s got a heavy heart, a messy soul, a reckless mind, and I think it’s beautiful the way she carries herself.”  Sean Bates

On the clarity of finding love.

“And then my soul saw you.”  Sean Bates

On the happiness love brings.

“It’s like you exhale happiness; breathing in the blessings around you and letting it sit in your lungs to really absorb it, before sharing it with the atmosphere. Kiss me once or twice, here and there, from time to time, especially when my lungs feel empty. I want to inhale the loveliness. I want to inhale you.”  Sean Bates

On falling in love.

“Your eyes caught mine across the crowded room and you smiled. You looked like a movie star with those Audrey Hepburn pearls and I couldn’t but feel like James Dean.”  Sean Bates

On beauty.

“She’s beautiful. She makes Autumn jealous.”  Sean Bates

On loving the little things.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare. It’s just I think I’m falling in love with the idea of holding your hand.”  Sean Bates

On finding love in the smallest places.

“Somebody once asked me what my favorite song was. They wanted to know what I found to be the sweetest melody, the most beautifully composed piece of music to have ever graced my ears. I just smiled and said, ‘The way she sighs.’”  Sean Bates