17 Love Quotes By Instagram Poet Cleo Wade Are EXACTLY What We Need

Photo: Cleo Wade
17 Best Cleo Wade Quotes To Make You Fall In Love Again

Cleo Wade is one of those people you find online who completely changes your world in less than ten words. These Cleo Wade quotes are sure to do the same. 

Her Instagram page is filled with a collection of handwritten and typed musings that are both intelligent and relatable.

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Not only do her posts show off her skills as an artist, but they also touch your soul in ways only a poet can.

Cleo Wade first started posting her art to Instagram in 2014, while she was working in the fashion industry. She became famous after her internet art became viral.

Cleo grew up in New Orleans with her parents, Bernardo and Lori. Bernardo, her Black father, is a photographer. Lori, her white mother, is a chef.

What we love most about Cleo Wade quotes is that they come from the heart. 

Whether she's writing three words or ten, she is opening her followers to a love that is more passionate and raw

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1. "I am really into your crazy." — Cleo Wade

2. "And if you want love... the really good kind... you are going to have to get your hands dirty." — Cleo Wade

3. "What could be more than us, you and me, a thing so complete." — Cleo Wade

4. "Fall in love a little and if you are feeling very brave... fall in love a whole fucking lot." — Cleo Wade

5. "You want to fall in love? Lose your fear. You want to stay in love? Lose your ego." — Cleo Wade

6. "I love. I'm a lover. (No apologizes there)." — Cleo Wade

7. "You are my fish in the sea." — Cleo Wade

8. "You and me. So complete." — Cleo Wade

9. "You make me feel all of my feelings." — Cleo Wade

10. "Yup. It's love." — Cleo Wade

11. "Be the type of love you deserve, if for no other reason but to show us all how it's done." — Cleo Wade

12. "Baby, you are completely insane and I wouldn't have it any other way." — Cleo Wade

13. "Love: the thing that has no fear or anxiety." — Cleo Wade

14. "The perks of being me? Loving you." — Cleo Wade

15. "You and me. There is nothing like us, huh." — Cleo Wade

16. "The magic of you overwhelms me. That's all." — Cleo Wade

17. "The mind tells you this river has no bottom, the heart tells you we can put a bridge here." — Cleo Wade

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