The KEY To Giving Strong Women EXACTLY What They Want In Bed


Trust the Experts — and yourself!

Guys: let's talk for a minute about loving a strong woman.

It might seem like a daunting task to be in a relationship with a strong, independent woman.

They are definitely capable of doing things on their own, and it can seem impossible to know what a woman like that really wants from you when it comes to love, your relationship with her and, of course, SEX.

But the truth is, strong women aren't that hard to understand. 

In our latest Expert video, which you can watch above, Senior VP of YourTango ExpertsMelanie Gorman, asked a group of relationship Experts to explain the conundrum of what high-powered women really want when it comes to sex.

The responses from some the Experts — Melissa WhiteKira GouldSusan Bratton and John Gray of Men are From Mars fame — explain why so many women who like to be control in everyday life, want to be able to let that go in the bedroom. 

So what do these strong women really want?

The truth is, all that many strong women really want is to not have to be in control in bed!

They want a man who knows exactly what he's doing, so he can take over pleasuring her instead of her having to make sure she gets pleasured.

When a woman has so much control in her life, it's nice to be able to come home at the end of a long day and not have to think about how to get you to make her body sing.

How can you help her to relax and relinquish sexual control to you?

Don't just jump on her for sex.

Help her feel safe, comfortable, relaxed and feminine again.

This is where foreplay comes in. Start from the outside in. Maybe massage her feet or her shoulders. Show her how you feel with a passionate kiss ... or two.

Whereas you may only need a few minutes to get in the mood, she needs a slow and teasing build-up.

Take your time to make her feel comfortable.

Show her that you know what she likes and you're capable of pleasing her exactly the way she likes.

This might seem like a lot more work on your part. And in a way, it is. It'll require you to put her needs first — to kindle her flame of desire before you flip on your sexual arousal switch.

But trust the Experts when they say it's worth it.

When a man gets a woman to a real orgasm, to climax from his moves, his testosterone levels double and he is left with a feeling of pride that comes with feeling like he is the alpha male.

So by giving her the pleasure and attention — and yes, sexual foreplay — that she needs, you'll not only ensure her love and devotion, but you'll be left with a whole new sense of satisfaction of confidence.

You'll wonder why you've never tried it before.

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