It's True: Your Relationships Never Work Because You're Too Hot

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Well, this explains Brangelina.

Hold on to your butts, ladies and germs, because I've stumbled across a series of scientific studies that are going to change the way you look at attractive people forever. 

Y'all ready for this?


Okay, so, it turns out that being super beautiful or handsome? Is a major liability in terms of finding long-lasting love in their long-term romantic relationships.


I know, that was my reaction, too.

While good-looking people have no problem finding partners, research indicates that they have a hard time keeping them. 

Attractive people are also far more likely to seek out alternative partners when they're unhappy in relationships, rather than work things out head out. 

I always knew attractive people were the worst around, and now I've got the receipts. I've got the receipts, I say! 


Attractive people enjoy a lot of benefits in life that lots of folks who aren't as attractive (not you, you're a stunner, I'm speaking on behalf of my own people, the plain) just don't get. For example, did you know that attractive people tend to make more money than those who are considered less conventionally attractive?

Also, more attractive people are generally happier than people who aren't so good looking. Probably because they are making so much more money.

But this study indicates that they have problems all their own. Attractive people are more likely to be jealous in relationships. Combine this with the fact that they tend to cheat when they're unhappy and you've got the third finding: people who are attractive tend to have pretty unstable romantic lives. 

I am not genuinely pleased to learn that anyone, even attractive strangers, are in relationships that aren't stable or bringing them happiness, but there's no denying that it is, well, nice to be reminded that while looks might make some things easier for certain people, that doesn't mean they don't have problems all their own. 

Again, this is just research. That means it relies on data points, it doesn't exactly race to get to know the people in question. So don't rule out dating a person because they are SO hot you're sure they're going to cheat on you in a relationship.

That's just as judgmental as assuming that a person who isn't conventionally attractive is going to be faithful forever. We are more than our looks, but that doesn't change the fact that this new intel from the wacky world of science is super interesting.