QUIZ: What The Emotions You Associate With Certain Colors Reveal About You

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color-mood association quiz

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On a subconscious level, we interpret colors as having various different meanings, moods, and emotions. Maybe we associate blue with feeling calm and collected, while we associated red with anger; or we think of purple as dazed, orange as relaxed, and green as prosperous.

Have you ever wondered why so many fast food restaurant chains have chosen to use yellow and red as their colors? It's because the color combination of red and yellow makes us think "fast" and "gotta go."

Of course, you've also likely heard of "warm" versus "cool" colors. Cool colors, like blue, green, and purple, are often soothing and relaxing, while the warm colors, such as red, yellow and orange, give us feelings of passion, excitement or aggression. Some people even believe that seeing certain colors can create physical effects for spaces, such as cool colors making a room feel "colder."

Cooler hues of color are believed to stimulate more passive reactions from the brain, while the warm colors tend to elicit active brain responses.

Then we have black and white. Black is the result you get when you mix every color together, and white is the result of having no color at all. Black and white are often seen as the most simplistic and formal of all the colors, though they aren't really colors; they are shades.

What does the color white make you think of? Typically, it's purity or perfection. While black tends to make us think of something mysterious or powerful. What's even cooler is that all of us perceive color differently, so the associations we make with each color say a lot about our individual personalities.

Discover more about who you are and what your personality is like by taking this quick color-mood association quiz. You might discover something about yourself that you never knew before.


This article was originally published at Higher Perspective. Reprinted with permission from the author.