5 PERFECT Ways To Spend Valentine's Day With Your BFF

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BFF Valentine's Day
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Who needs a man when you have girlfriends?!

Valentine's Day is usually reserved for happy couples, complete with all the romantic dates and kissing and holding hands, but tend to leave out all of us who are single or don't make plans.

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It never really seemed important to me to make a big deal out of one day, both as a single person and one in a relationship, and I know that a lot of people feel the same way.

In fact, Valentine's Day should be spent with someone you really care about, not just romantically.

Why not spend Valentine's Day with your best friend instead of forcing yourself to go out with someone who isn't really your type or even being dragged to a singles bar. Isn't that a MUCH better option... I mean, is there even a choice?!


But what do you do on the biggest lovey-dovey day of the year if you're not doing anything romantic? Don't worry because I have you covered.

You and your BFF will have a lot of options to choose from this year, all of which will make this Valentine's Day fun and stress-free.

1. All-night movie marathon.

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Nothing says "Awesome BFF Valentine's Day" like a movie marathon. You can veg out on the couch all day (a plus) AND you don't have to put on a bra, not even for the Chinese takeout delivery boy (another plus!).

Personally, I like watching incredibly gory horror movies on V-Day. You know, the ones where no romance could possibly happen when you're trying to run away from a crazy serial killer?

But it doesn't even matter what you watch because chances are, the two of you will be talking and laughing with each other the entire time.

2. Spa day


Every year, you spend money to get all dressed up and go out to dinner with a date that will only last a few hours. So why not take that hard-earned cash and spend it all on yourself for once?

Not only is a spa day the perfect way to relax and spend some quality time with your BFF, but it will also make you feel 10 times better by the time you leave.

Everyone benefits from a chemical peel and a hot stone massage, trust me.

3. Get drunk!


No one is more fun to get drunk with than your best friend, hands down. Whether you go to a bar for expensive, fruity drinks that turn your tongue blue, or you slum it at home with a jumbo-sized bottle of wine, drinking just makes Valentine's Day so much better.

Plus, with all the drinking you'll be doing, you might just forget all about this silly holiday and end up making it a BFF night to remember, instead.

4. Try something new... or old


When was the last time you went bowling? Or did karaoke at a dive bar? Maybe you've always wanted to try horseback riding! Well, V-Day is your chance to take advantage of doing something fun.

Even if you decide to chill with your best friend instead of going out on a date, you can still find seriously awesome discounts and deals.

Technically they're for couples, but who's gonna care if you and your BFF roll up looking for a two-for-one deal? No one, that's who.

Plus, you can take those extra savings and save them for next year. Perfect!

5. Snacks on snacks on snacks

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You don't have to spend $50 on a sub-par steak and bad conversation with a blind date to have fun on Valentine's Day. Instead, stock up on your favorite snacks and pig out all night with your BFF.

Of course, you can still splurge on steak and champagne if you're feeling it, but don't break the bank if it isn't your idea of fun. There isn't a rule book out there that demands you blow your paycheck on V-Day.

As long as you're spending the day with someone you genuinely like being around, who cares what you do?!