9 Things Guys Do That Make Their Woman Feel Truly Beautiful

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Here's Exactly How To Make A Woman Feel Beautiful

It's easier than you'd think!

She's the most beautiful woman you've ever met in your life, and you want her to know it.

But how to do you that without sounding like an insincere creeper trying to get into her pants?

How to do you do it so she knows you are serious.

The main things you want are to be believable — and respectful. Women can see through shallow compliments with ulterior motives. 

If you're wondering how to make a woman feel beautiful, there are a lot of things you can do, and they're all surprisingly easy and totally heartwarming. Remember: small gestures = big impact. So, try a few of these out: 

1. Touch her.

Touching a woman makes her feel like you can’t get enough. Not only does it feel nice, but when someone lightly touches a spot that they're self-conscious about and not only doesn’t pull away in disgust but actively appreciates it? Magnifique!

2. Just watch her for a while.

There’s a look associated with this. It’s hard to explain. Like you're just appreciating them, no words or actions needed. (Note: Only try this with a woman you already have a relationship with. A stranger will find this creepy as all get-out.)

3. Tell her. (Duh!)

Obviously, a compliment can get the job done. Just try to be sincere about it. Women can tell when you're doing something just because you think you should (or because you're trying to get some action).

4. ... especially out of nowhere.

Just say it when it feels right, not when you feel like you should.

5. Check her out.

Be open with ogling her! And tell her what you’re ogling over! Feels good to see that your man can still get an eyeful and love it all over again! (Again, this only works with a woman you already know and love. Otherwise stalker-y!)

6. Give her something nice.

Do something special for no reason other than love. Bring her a nice lunch to work, flowers, whatever. It might seem like a little thing, but it’s what makes people smile.

7. Buy her sexy lingerie and then appreciate those brief moments she actually wears it. 

Again, ogle. Don’t treat it like it’s nothing. It’s not nothing. Lingerie is a special occasion in itself!

8. Brush hair out of her face.

That’s right, like in the movies. Trust me, it works, and it works well. I don’t know why, it just does. Or if you can’t do that because her hair is too short or something, playing with her hair a little in general just does something special.

9. Talk about her to your friends and family.

When she finds out that you've been bragging, best believe it'll hit her right in the heart! The idea that she's something to write home about is beyond flattering.