What Your Dirty Talk Style REALLY Says About Your Personality

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dirty talk

What your lips reveal during sex says a lot about you...

What you say in bed can reveal more than what type of lover you are, but also what kind of person you are. Your fears. Your thoughts. Your core persona. Dirty talk, or lack of, shows more than you want it to.

Actions may speak louder than words, but words are very telling. Words can reveal more than we want it to, especially in the most intimate of moments. What does your dirty talk style say about your personality? Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. You're silent.


There are two kinds of “silent partners”: one who is silent due to fear or embarrassment, and the other that is silent due to shame and repression. The silent partner, who is silent out of fear or embarrassment, is a complex person who has a lot brewing underneath.

On one hand, the silent partner is silent because he or she has watched porn and found all the “chatter” to be utterly fake and foolish. The silent one figures opening up a mouth to say something dirty will only result in looking foolish. This person is not apt to take risks in life, yet will seem simpler on the surface than he or she really is.

For example, the silent partner might desire to make a career change but won’t say anything. He will surf the internet and do all the research and tell no one... until he can’t wait another minute longer. This same silent partner might be dying to say, “Let’s have anal,” but it will take quite some time before it comes out. Don’t underestimate the silent partner. Just in all matters including sex, be patient.

This same partner will also be incredibly down-to-earth and easy-going. You won’t find this person to be high maintenance and, in many ways, can be a homebody.

2. You're cold and distant.

This partner is entirely different than the former. This person was raised with a lot of shame around sex and the body. You’ll find this person to be incredibly Type A and pretty successful.

Despite the lack of “vocal performance,” this person can be very showy everywhere else. Sometimes you will wonder how well you truly know this person. Sadly, in bed, this partner may seem cold and distant. Even if this person is sexually giving, there’s this big question mark in which you feel as if you don’t really know how he or she is feeling.

This partner may have some serious deep-seeded sexual fetishes, too, but will come off as a prude. Typically this partner can only participate in the dark side of his or her fetishes alone.

3. You're a soft speaker.


The man or woman who sweetly and quietly whispers what is needed of the other partner in bed is a lover of romance and intimacy. This person is the one who, in daily life, is an amazing negotiator and everyone’s friend. He’s not exactly the party animal or the stud in bed, but every detail of you is attended to.

This type of dirty talker is playful but shy and is selective about who he or she shares with, whether it’s secrets, sex or anything at all. The soft speaker isn’t against filthy hot sex, but she prefers close intimacy and tends to seek long-term commitments. This person is loyal and very dedicated to everything he or she does. People know this person in the community and is generally well-liked.

Occasionally, this partner can be staid and predictable. This is not a risk-taker in life or in bed, but the soft speaker is OK with being who he or she is.

4. You're a moaner.

He or she isn’t saying much, but this partner sure makes a lot of sound effects. The moaner is one who is intensely physical and needs to process each touch, taste, and sound. The moaner is often a creative or intellectual type. This person is one who is not fond of loud events or too much social stimulation. The moaner chooses friends and lovers carefully and cautiously.

This person has no hang-ups. He is boldly tuned into whatever he wants and is no prude. This person is often very outspoken and doesn’t really care to be popular. She’s the kind of girl who says what she likes and isn’t worried about being nice.

The moaner is very generous and deliberate in bed, but takes his or her time. You cannot rush this person to do anything, especially if it’s not what he or she wants to do.

5. You're vocal.


The partner who can’t wait to describe to you in luscious dirty detail her every naughty thought is extremely liberal and confident. Pleasure-seeking, you better not bore the vocal one lest he go off to find a better-suited match.

The vocal one is well-liked and extremely successful. The vocal one is very cerebral and turned off by ignorance, rudeness or stupidity. The vocal one loves a variety of lovemaking sessions and will bore easily if you try to do the same old, same old.

This person can be pretty hard to pin down in a relationship, but if you do manage to score this woman or man, you’ll have to step up to the plate to show what you’ve got. There is nothing the vocal one likes better than someone who is really invested in him or her and shows it.

As a partner, you might find the vocal one intimidating if you’re not as comfortable with your sexuality. The vocal one loves sex and showing off his or her body. In the same breath, this person will devour his or her partner with such ardor and care, it’s hard to not lust and crave this partner.

6. You're flowery.

The lover who has to profess his or her love in ways only Shakespeare feasibly could is incredibly enchanted by beautiful things and romance. Sometimes, this lover gets caught up in the story and forgets to pay attention to the details. This person tends to be spacey and a bit of a flake, but when you do pin this partner down, you’ll find him or her to be so adorable.

The flowery one is not much for naughty sex, but certainly likes to have plenty of it. This person can storm in and storm out on friends’ lives, careers, towns, yet as flaky as this person can be, he or she does tend to be loved and accepted for the romantic flake he or she is.

This person is not one for hard work and tends to be reclusive, but despite the lazy factor he or she manages to find a way to squeak by. Resourcefulness is prevalent in the flowery one. This also means that the flowery one can romance someone who’s not feeling well, not available or not interested. Somehow, this partner always finds a way to get what he or she wants.