If Someone Says They've Slept With This # Of People, They're Lying

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Is your number too high?

It’s fairly normal for people these days to have multiple sex partners over the course of their lives. After all, people are living together more and getting married less, and some young adults are living with their parents into their thirties because it’s cheaper.

This means that sexual trysts out into the world are more common, and sex between unmarried partners is actually considered as “morally acceptable” by 7 out of 10 people in the US. That means that now, more than ever, we’re allowed to experience our sexuality without reprisal.

But is there a magic number for an acceptable amount of people you have had sex with? According to recent research, yes, there really is.

So just how many people can you have sex with before potential love interests start raising eyebrows? It looks like 7 is the baseline — anything higher than that and we’re going to guess that morals will be questioned or at least brought into the mix, and any lower is apparently no big deal. The number varies for different countries, but here in the US, 7 seems to be the ideal balance.

Something else that’s interesting about people listing this specific amount of sexual partners? Well, during the study (which involved 2,000 people from America and Europe), the researchers were able to reveal that while the majority of people claim lucky number 7 in the sexy department, a surprising number of those people — nearly half of the respondents, that is — claimed that they were actually lying about being with that many people.

So while this seems to be the least outrageous sex number, people might be using it to cover up their own insecurities.

But what exactly were they lying about? Well, according to the study, men were most likely increasing the number of sexual partners they’d had, while the women participating in the study were actually decreasing that same number. Men are 10 percent likelier to up the number of partners they’ve had, while women, who still fear being perceived as “sluts,” were 5 percent likelier to diminish their encounters.

While seven seems to be an agreed upon and accepted sex number between genders, what is considered too high?

According to the same study, women think that men are overly-sexed when they get to 15 or more partners, and men likewise think that women are too promiscuous when they reach number 14.

As for the proper time to reveal the number of partners and your sexual history? Universally, it’s agreed that potential lovers should have access to this information within the first four months of your relationship.