4 SEXY Holiday Gift Ideas That Keep On Giving (In The Bedroom)

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The Best Sex Toy Holiday Gift Guide For 2016

Give a little, get a little ... (wink wink)

Choosing a sex toy or other sexual product as a gift can always be a bit of a gamble during the holidays or on special occasions. After all, sex toys are connected to very personal and specific preferences.

It's kind of like ordering coffee for someone. There are so many variations and options, it can be difficult to know what will please the person the gift is intended for the most.

That said, there are a few basic categories of sex toys that make for a fairly safe bet for anyone you know is open to — or openly excited about — bringing fun ideas into the bedroom.

Here's a holiday gift guide of the 4 best sex toys guaranteed to make your partner jump for joy:

1. "Personal" massagers.

One of the most well-loved sexual products are those massagers (AKA less embarrassing vibrators) that can be used all over the body as well as to providing stimulation to the naughty-bits. This way no matter what, you know they will appreciate it whether they use it sexually or not.

One of the most popular of these personal massagers is the rechargeable Magic Wand by Hitachi. It is one of the most powerful options available and the cordless option provides the convenience of not having to stay connected to a power source, which in turn allows for easy maneuverability — no matter where the fun is taking place.

2. Yummy massage oils. 

Another super sexy gift idea is a collection of massage oils in a scent your lover enjoys. There are few people that will turn down a sensual massage. Add that offer to the card, letting him or her know you'll be using oil that smells like heaven (and is even good for the skin).

Bonus: Many oils can also be used later in a bath or after a shower.

3. Themed sexy-time sets.

Adult gift sets made up of multiple products take out the guess work for you as you try to assess which toys or products work well together. Gift sets inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey are HUGE hits with both men and women, as they offer an opportunity to explore a common fantasy free of the intimidation of figuring out how.

There are starter sets that introduce you to different flavored lubricants, smaller sex toys that offer a variety of levels of stimulation, and many more to choose from.

4. Gift cards.

One of the safest bets, especially when ordering sexual products online, are gift cards from a reputable sex toy retailer. These are often provided both in physical gift card and e-card form, which, so you can either send them instantly or present them in person. (This certainly makes it easy to quickly remedy the situation if you ever forget a special occasion!)

No matter what you choose, make sure you buy only from reputable stores that sell non-toxic sex toys.

The last thing you want is getting some cheap, knock-off product that will break after a week and contains toxins such as phthalates, BPA or parabens.

Bottom line: be a smart, educated, and empowered consumer and your lover will be sure to enjoy your sexy gifts.

Lisa S. Lawless. Ph.D. is the founder and C.E.O. of Holistic Wisdom, Inc., which, provides sexual health and wellness education, resources. Visit now to see our wide variety of safe sex toys and romantic products.