41 Tweets That Perfectly Summarize #GrowingUpMixed

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mixed race #GrowingUpMixed

Oh no they didn't.

The questions, talking to strangers, the nicknames, the confusion, the bullshit, you know it all.

Being mixed race is awesome, but so many people just don't get it (and you have no idea why)! But hey, at least you're not alone!

1. Being the top summer shade ...

2. ... and then having to give them a reality check

3. The ever popular guessing game ...

4. ... and people get MAD creative

5. But you're kind of impressed when someone gets it right

6. And you have your own fun with it too ...

7. ... then getting kind of flattered because you know how much beauty there is in the world

8. But most of the time, they just give up

9. Then again, you might not even have all the answers either :(

10. This weird comment

11. Acting white is a thing?

12. Being compared to a cookie ...

13. ... or a candy on the reg

14. Let's not forget the most popular comments and questions

15. And these

16. Some people are so "color blind" they don't even realize colors can mix

17. Multiple conversations with strangers have started like this ...

18. ... and this

19. People not realizing how ironic it is to ask a mixed person to pick one race to be attracted to

 20. Or when people knowingly ignore one half of your identity to make it easier

21. Being asked this complicated and confusing question

22. Having to feel like a traitor

23. Or a liar

24. Being all over the place

25. Twinning, but not really

26. Being the glue and doing God's work

27. Kids say the darndest things

28. Some families struggle the great divide

29. For some reason, the default is always Hispanic if you're a tan color

30. Low key wishing you could speak a bunch of languages

31. This bullshit

32. And this dumb logic

33. Or being completely discredited for one reason or another

34. Having to point out that "mixed" isn't an actual race, but just a vague category

35. Your hair is a mystery ...

36.  ... even to you

37. People assume you're not together

38. Sometimes you're too much or not enough

39. But it's also so awesome because you have so much to relate to

40. A lot of people figure you might be at least PARTLY what they are, so you kind of fit in everywhere

41. Plus, diversity is literally in your blood, and that's something to be proud of