If You Do These 3 Things On A First Date, You WON'T Get A Second

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If You Do This On A First Date, You Won't Get A Second

(Says study.)

The dating game is hard. Anyone whose ever been out on one or two awful dates knows just how difficult it can be.

But what really composes a “bad” date? And I don’t mean the obvious, in that you’re on a blind date and the man across from you is slimy and wears four pounds of fake jewelry on his neck and hands.

What, apart from that feeling of nervousness and discomfort building in your gut really sets the standard that this date is terrible, and you’ve made a huge mistake?

According to data from a Singles in America survey, the biggest turn-offs in a romantic encounter are a lot more blasé than one would think.

While this might be a good wake-up call for anyone who’s ever getting perpetually turned down after the first date, it also means that they’re common behaviors that any one of us could accidentally do.

For men and women, the biggest top three turn-offs were rather simple:

1. You check your phone way too much.


The number one complaint for both parties was having their date check their phone frequently, according to 70 percent of men and 73 percent of women. While that seems like a non-issue for you obsessive phone holders, you’re going to have to put your device down to connect with another person.

After all, how can you expect them to show interest in you while you’ve been spending more time with your online friends than with your potential beau? People in the modern era are attached at the wrist to their phones, and when you’re on a date, it’s not the time or the place to tweet or post about the evening’s events.

The only time your phone should be out is to answer that fake-emergency phone call your friend made to check and see if you need an escape from a possible creeper.   

2. You don't talk enough.


While after the phone issue the men’s and women’s lists vary somewhat, they do stay relatively in the same ballpark. For team men’s second complaint? Not talking enough.

3. You try too hard to impress them.


As for the third turn-off, men said it was women trying too hard to impress them. For women, it was also trying too hard to impress them, and then men talking too much... about their money!

Texting has also become an important part of modern dating, and as it turns out, there are some unspoken etiquette rules involving that, as well. Both genders agree, the number one worst thing in a text message is too many grammar mistakes or misspelled words.

And another place where their dismay intertwined? If someone responds to their texts with short answers, like “K,” “cool,” etc. It should just be universally acknowledged that receiving “K” in place of even a simple one-word answer like “okay” is pretty terrible, and you should never, ever do it.

For men, the third worst texting turn-off is using ALL CAPS, but for women, it was asking too many personal questions.   

If you find yourself guilty of these mistakes on a first date, then breathe a sigh of relief, because now you know how you might up your game for the next round. And if you’re one of those people who can’t put your phone down, maybe try to wrench your eyes from it long enough to make eye contact and see if you feel those first, undeniable sparks of chemistry