If You Do These 12 Things, You're Wifeable (Not Just His Sex Toy)

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If You Do These Things, You're Wife Material, Not Just Sex
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There's a BIG difference. BIG.

Back in the old days, being 'wife material' wasn't that complicated. All you needed was to stay at home, take care of the kids (if any), and be sure dinner was ready to be served before your partner arrived home.

Thankfully, so much has changed since then — and if you aren't sure if he thinks you're "wifeable" or "f*ckable", here are 12 things you do that tell him it's only right for him to put a ring on your finger.

1. You have a life outside of the relationship. 

While men are often considered to be the stronger sex, that doesn't mean you should depend on that strength alone. Nor does it mean that your life should revolve around him. When you pursue a career of your own, have your own set of friends, and chase your own dreams, your boyfriend is likely to see you as a worthy equal, and eventually wife material, so don't drop your life just because of him.

2. You're a visible part of his life.

You make an effort to let the world know you're his "plus one" whenever, wherever. You don't hesitate to make little sacrifices here and there just so you can show him your support, especially when he needs it most. 

3. You cater to his needs...

You're not the best cook ever but you make the effort to prepare him a scrumptious meal when date nights outdoors aren't possible. If all else fails, you've mastered the art of calling the delivery hotline of your favorite Chinese food, so you order that and get the food ready for him in no time.

4. ...but you don't "mother" him. 


Whether he tells you or not, he needs his "guy time" as much as you need to have your "girl time." So when you allow him freely to get what he thinks he rightfully deserves, and you don't act like an overbearing mom, he appreciates that.

5. You're responsible...

You know what is expected of you and you make sure you do a great job at your duties (including girlfriend duties).

6. ...but you also know how to have fun. 

You don't take yourself so seriously all the time. While you party when you need to, you know your limits and will never cross any unsafe boundaries.

7. You've got an incredible sense of humor....

You know how to make fun of yourself, and you take to heart what an anonymous human once said: "A sense of humor is a major defense against life's minor troubles." You also laugh at his jokes and aren't afraid to lovingly call him out when you think they're lame.

8. ...but you know when to be serious. 


Because once you're in a committed relationship, there are things you can't just LOL at. 

9. You sacrifice for him...

There will be moments when you have to let him have his way — not because you're spoiling him, but because you want him to see how you're capable of giving up what you want so he can have his. 

10. ...but not to the point that you forget about yourself. 

Because at the end of the day, a guy who truly loves you won't allow for situations to even go that far. 

11. You (sort of) put up with his crap...

Your boyfriend is a guy with men's genes running in his veins and every fiber of his being. Thus, he may give you a lot of headaches for the stupid things he does. But since you know he's worth more than the trouble you experience from time to time, you don't throw in the towel. When you do, he'll see your stubborn spirit and enduring love as a gift that he won't let anybody else have the pleasure of having.

12. ...but you don't let him treat you like a doormat. 


He's not perfect and will say and do things that make you want to give up on your relationship. But rather than bail, you call him on his sh*t. This tells him he can't just step on you, making him see you're one valuable, wifeable woman that he should never let go. Ever.