Ugh! Short People Have Less Sex, Says Science

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Ugh! Short People Have Less Sex, Says Science


By Sujeiry Gonzalez

At a whopping 5 feet 2 inches, I often wished I was a little bit taller. The thing is it's rare when Latinos are above-average in height. Luckily, short chicas can wear heels. Our men, however, have to suck it up and embrace their stature — or rock lifts. 

To add another nail to the shorty coffin, researchers at Chapman University in California discovered that short people have less sex.


Men between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 4 inches were surveyed and reported having an average of five partners, while hombres taller than 5 feet 4 inches were at lucky number seven. Shorter women didn’t fare any better. Those at 4 feet 11 inches also had an average of five sexual partners compared to mujeres above 5 feet 5 inches, who averaged seven sexual partners or more.

Why the shrimp discrimination? Either men and women are more attracted to tall folks, or it has little to do with sexual desirability and more to do with monogamy. The shorties surveyed may just not engage in casual sex. In my case, it was the latter, so I’m sticking to that theory.

This article was originally published at Latina. Reprinted with permission from the author.