The REAL Reason Feminists Need Guys Like You (And Me) On Their Side

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Feminism isn't just for women. Let's get on board, guys.

Men: what about feminism DOESN'T apply to you? It's not denoted as equality for exclusively women; it's for all sexes.

Here’s the truth: Men make GREAT feminists if we just open out eyes and allow ourselves to see how we can be an ASSET instead of a DETRIMENT.


And here’s why.

Simply stated, we see a different perspective. There are several issues facing women in terms of equality, politics, and socioeconomic fairness that many men just don't get or ever experience.

Though not directly affected by those issues, guys have their own problems to deal with that can lend a hand in helping us understand and even compare the woman's perspective to those around us. If everyone in a group is biased by “Factor A,” and an outsider comes with input from their experience in “Factor B,” the new information can help create a dialogue and open others’ eyes to concepts they may have not even thought existed.

Sharing perspectives and differing viewpoints can be a great asset in strengthening an argument and pushing a movement, like feminism, forward.

Though many issues of sexualization can be commonplace between men and women, there are dozens of other hurdles that women encounter that men just, well, don't.


We don't know the struggle of breaking the “glass ceiling” in the workplace. Or being sexualized when running for office. But if you embrace feminism — as a man — you are able to acknowledge these issues from a place where you aim to seek change and understanding.

And just as we share our own perspectives to others, we, as feminists, need to be willing to understand the mentalities that are born from issues that don’t influence us. Let’s be real, it's this understanding that can open a new path of compassion — turning us from an insensitive jerks, to a men who actually care how offensive one-liners make women REALLY feel

If we can open our minds to feminism without seeing it as a "dirty word," we see that there’s real, tangible difference in equality — and instead of sitting there reaping the benefits of being top dog, we can actively aim to make sure everyone — women and men alike — has the same opportunities.

And in all honesty, feminist men are more apt to help at home too. Since we acknowledge the displacement of power, we're more likely to balance the housework than leave it up to one party.

Don't get me wrong ... just as there are certain things men just don’t get about women’s issues, there are others that women don’t get about men. But a man who has taken the time to understand the "other side" and work to make a difference can communicate these issues to other men in a way that women couldn't. In a way that other men can grasp.

Maybe it’s an analogy, maybe it’s just “man speak.” Regardless, we are a key asset in communication to other — non-feminist and anti-feminist —men. 

The key belief in feminism is equality, and bringing that equality to fruition is one of the primary goals of the feminist movement. Our perspective with a feminist slant can be a powerful tool to cause the kind of change we need to move forward.

So men: take note. Feminism isn’t just about empowerment — it’s about equality. So there’s no reason you can’t be a feminist too ... and a GREAT one at that.