The Micropenis On This Naked Trump Statue Will Haunt Your Dreams

Photo: Twitter
naked trump statue micropenis


Donald Trump was standing naked and exposed in the middle of Union Square Park in New York.

Somebody think of the children! 

But that's not the only place the would-be leader of the world and his notoriously imagined micropenis have been holding a naked vigil.

Naked Trump has also been spotted in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Seattle. 


To clarify, the man himself has not lost his mind and begun running naked through our country's big cities (though that idea does not seem as entirely outlandish as it should based on Trump's other antics). 

Five statues have been erected (lol, erect) of naked Donald Trump and presented by the anarchist group INDECLINE. 

They are calling the project "The Emperor Has No Balls," a take on the popular children's story The Emperor's New Clothes.  

In that story, a pathetic tyrant is tricked into parading around naked while his terrified subjects praise his "clothes" for fear of incurring his ire.

Suffice to say, eventually the dude figures out he is naked. 

It's an apt tale to apply to the Republican candidate for President. Trump's bluster, lies, threats of violence, and general idiocy seem to go if not unnoticed by the public than at least unpunished. How long before the country wakes up and is all, "this guy?!" 

When we are naked we are, arguably, at our most vulnerable. As delighted as I was to wake up to news of Trump and his lumps being put pointedly on display, I can't help but also feel a little hypocritical. Because I know damn well if another group should do this to Hillary Clinton I would be outraged. I guess that's something entirely though, isn't it?

We feel like we should be able to comment on the male body, to poke fun at it, because the male body has always been considered more acceptable. 

A naked sculpture poking fun at Donald Trump is funny.

A similar approach to a female candidate would be so much more loaded, and so  much more roundly condemned. 

I think during this election writers like me have been surprised at just how easy it is to deride someone for their looks. If you had told me a year ago that I'd be making fun of someone's appearance on the regs in a public forum, I would never have believed you. 


But with Trump it feels like a necessary last resort. Because nothing else seems to stick. 

He accused Obama of founding ISIS. He kicked a baby out of a rally. He implied that the NRA should kill Hillary Clinton. These are facts. But he's still considered a viable candidate for the most powerful office in the world. 

If preventing that means body-shaming the guy or making fun of his penis size, I'll do it. But I'll be aware that I've put myself in a tricky positions by doing so.