Japanese Pole Vaulter's PENIS Gets In The Way Of Him Winning Gold

Photo: huffington post

He was literally sabotaged at the Olympics by his own penis.

Being in the Olympics is an impressive feat. Athletes train for years of their lives to lay it all on the line for a chance to become number one in the world in their sport.

For one man, however, "laying it on the line" took on an entirely different meaning.

Pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita, one of the Japanese Olympians competing in Rio this year, ran into a difficult situation when his penis actually got in the way during his first attempt at clearing the pole at a height of 5.3 meters.

Yes, he was actually sabotaged by his own d*ck. I don't know how many times one can say that's happened in Olympic history, but the counter is now at least an affirmative "1" in that department, now and forever more.

While it's incredibly impressive that anyone can even train to fling themselves via a stick almost 18 feet into the air, sometimes things go wrong, and the angle of approach just doesn't allow them to cross over it cleanly.

Pole vaulting is a difficult sport that relies on a number of precise factors, and things can go wrong all the time — like poles snapping, vaulters seriously injuring themselves, or even missing the landing mat altogether. It's a sport that contains plenty of "Ouch!" moments where we cringe so hard our insides nearly curdle.

For Ogita, however, insult was literally added to injury when his member decided to foul up the vault, knocking him straight in the junk and dislodging the bar. Ogita's leg initially grazed the pole, but it was his endowment that landed the final nail in the coffin, sending him — and the bar — straight back to the ground below.

On his second attempt, the Japanese athlete was successful in clearing an even higher jump of 5.45 meters, but it was too late. Ogita ended up taking home 21st place in the Olympic pole vaulting, which ended his dreams of grabbing a medal to bring home to Japan.

See the full cringe-worthy moment below when everything went to hell: