'Random Guy' Sues Josh Duggar For Using His Pic On Dating Sites

Photo: Rawstory
Josh Duggar Is Being Sued By A Random Guy Whose Pic He Used

This dude just can't seem to stay out of trouble...

Just when you thought Ashley Madison couldn't land in even ickier public news, along comes Josh Duggar to remind us that things can always get worse. At least, things can always get worse when Joshy D. is involved.

You may have already known that the Duggar lad was actively searching for additional partners on the infamous online dating site for married folks ... right?


What you may not yet have known, was that Mr. Duggar — being a celebrity and all — thought he was being pretty clever by using a photo of someone other than himself on his Cheaters Inc. profile. Oh, and not only did he use the photo of a real man who is NOT him on Ashley Madison, but he also used it to create false identities on Twitter, OkCupid, and more.

Way to cover your bases, Josh!

Not only was this a decidedly unintelligent move in and of itself, as it takes WAY more than a fake profile to hide to your true identity online these days, but Josh D. has now landed himself in even more scalding hot water than before.

It seems people don't generally enjoy identify theft, particularly not when it means being forever associated with a former used car salesman/eldest of 19 children featured on a bizarre reality show/wannabe politician/confessed molester of at least five girls. 

And so, he is now being sued by Matthew McCarthy, the man whose face Josh decided was similar enough to (and let's be honest, much better looking than) his own, be honored with placement on his wide variety of social media and dating profiles.

I guess Josh's common sense didn't come from his momma, amiright?


Or maybe not ...

Anywho, McCarthy is an LA-based DJ who is not at all amused to find himself closely connected to the Duggar clan. He claims that since news broke that JD selected his face — through a Google search for "random guy" — in the quest to score some ladies not within his family, he has lost work and suffered terribly from the humiliation, which he asserts is made all the more brutal because of his strong Catholic upbringing.

According to TMZ, McCarthy is suing for wrongful use of his image, adding that "he's been getting harassing messages referring to him as 'Duggar's boy toy' and 'DJ Duggar.'"

Josh may be in luck though. Apparently he is pretty well broke, so McCarthy will be hard-pressed to make any cash off of his case.

On the bright side, I feel quite sure this lawsuit will certainly help him distance himself from the "mortifying" connection to the Duggar drama, right?