The World's First Pizza ATM Has Arrived And It Is Glorious

Photo: wcpo.com

This machine is everything we want in life and more!

As lovers of the beautiful creation that is pizza, we have to admit... We're very jealous of Xavier University right now.

In an article for USA Today, Assistant Vice President Jude Kiah said that the University was looking for a way to solve the "late-night pizza option" problem and came up with this "cost effective and innovative" way to satsify their students' late night cravings after long hours of studying (or partying). 

So, that means when students return in the Fall for classes, they will be greeted with a beautiful machine spitting out everybody's favorite food: pizza. 

“And this meets our students where they're at — in their residence hall," he said. 

The Pizza ATM machine already exists in Europe, but this one in Xavier, found in the Fenwick Place residence hall on the University campus, is the only one of its kind in the entire United States. Xavier University is the exclusive distributor of this machine. And we want one!

Photo: USA Today

So how does this contraption work? According to USA Today's report, out of the hundreds of artisan pizzas the University dining services makes everyday, seventy pizzas will go into the machine

When students feel that late night craving, all they have to do is visit the machine, and select their favorite pizza (including cheese, pepperoni, and veggie). The machine then takes the pizza from a refrigerated compartment and places it into the convection oven. 

The pizza cooks for about three minutes before it is dropped into a box and released through a slot into the waiting hungry students' hands. And when the machine runs low on pizza, employees are notified via phone so they can quickly refill it. 

And this isn't just regular old frozen pizza you find in the aisles of Walmart. The University hired a French chef to train its employees in a 40-hour lesson in quality ingredients and preparation techniques, as well as pizza-making and machine operations!

So admit it: How jealous are you right now? Hopefully the success of this machine will make it possible to have them all over the country.