HELL YES, I'm With Her

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My 10-year-old daughter is witnessing this moment and I cannot tell you how deeply that affects me.

When I was 15 years old, I went to see Gloria Steinem speak at Michigan State University. Her speech was remarkable, and I have always remembered one moment when she said that women tend to become more radical with age.

Shortly after that statement, I went to the mic and I asked her — shaking in my boots, my bright pink bangs vibrating with nerves — how can I possibly get more radical than I am now? She laughed and told me that she couldn't wait to see what I would become.

It was not terribly long after that speech that Geraldine Ferraro was nominated to be the candidate for Vice President with Walter Mondale. Reagan was at the height of his popularity, so there was never a chance they would win, but godd*mn it, I was filled to the brim with f*cking hope.

Hope that I would get to see a woman elected to the second highest seat in the land. I cannot tell you how deeply Ms. Ferraro impressed me. But they lost. And then I waited. I waited a long motherf*cking time to see another woman nominated.

Almost 25 years, and we got Sarah Palin — a sh*t show, but a woman. But Hillary put up a good fight and almost got the Presidential nomination that same year, and I began to feel that hope again. Hope that I would see a woman elected to the White House in my lifetime.

When she lost, I was sad, but I set aside that sadness to celebrate the complete joy of watching President Obama elected. I'll never forget watching the inauguration of our first Black President. It was a miracle.

Now, 32 years after being that hopeful pink-haired teenager, I'm a hopeful 48-year-old woman, still with a bit of pink in my hair. We finally have a woman nominated for President. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a woman I have admired for three decades. YES, I am a true progressive!

I've been told for six months that by supporting Hillary I'm not a true progressive, even though I'm more radical than I was at age 15. I don't know when the yardstick for being a progressive became what it is today, where people like Hillary Clinton — a lifelong advocate for children who has fought right wing attacks like no other, and Tim Kaine, a man who spent 17 years working as a civil rights lawyer and a man who has set aside his own opinions about abortion to honor mine — aren't progressive enough.

F*ck that noise.

You guys, we have a WOMAN RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN A MAJOR POLITICAL PARTY FOR THE FIRST TIME. My 10-year-old daughter is witnessing this moment and I cannot tell you how deeply that affects me. I find myself tearing up with happiness again and again.

If that's not progressive enough for you, I don't know what to say.

Wait. Yes I do.

You will NOT rob me of my joy and my pride in this moment in history. Because today I am damned proud to say #ImWithHer.

I believe in Hillary Rodham Clinton. I cannot wait to see what she gets done. Because women get more radical with age, motherf*ckers.

Hillary 2016!

This article was originally published at Medium. Reprinted with permission from the author.