What Your Sex Dreams Say About YOU (Warning: Some Are Super Creepy!)

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sex dream meanings

These are very telling....

There's nothing stranger than waking up from an awkward sex dream.

Yes, the sex in said dream was great... but why was it with your evil ex?!

On the surface, it might seem like your dreams are sending you mixed messages. 

But if you break down even the weirdest sex dream, you'll discover there are clues inside them to help you live your best waking life. 

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1. Sex with an ex

Having with sex with your ex in a dream could indicate, quite simply, that you miss them — or at least that you miss the sexual connection you two once shared. If you just see your ex in a dream, however, it could be an subconscious reminder of things to avoid in your dating life moving forward. 

2. Sex with a celeb 

That dream you had about getting freaky with Tom Hardy was about more than cute buns, if you can believe it. Dreams of sex with celebrities indicates that you are feeling confident and drive to succeed. They could also mean that you are seeking acknowledgement that you aren't getting in your daily life. 

3. Sex with your boss

You are hungry for power and that manifests in a dream where you get freaky on the copier with your boss. This could also mean that you've got control fantasies you want to enact in your own life but you've been too timid to try. Now is the hour! 

4. Sex with your bestie 

Let's leave gay and straight out of it: If in  dream you find yourself going to town on the body of a friend of the gender you are not attracted to in life, it's actually really positive! It doesn't mean you harbor a secret desire, it means you are learning to acknowledge that you are a person worthy and deserving of love. Awwww, I dig. 

5. Sex with your friend's husband or boyfriend 

Your brain is stupid sometimes. Sure, this could indicate an attraction to said dude, but it's more likely that you've become close with the guy and your brain interprets that closeness and then spits it out all weird-like inside your dome. 

6. Cheating dreams 

If you dream that you're the one doing the cheating, it could mean that all of your relationship needs aren't being met. If you're getting cheated on, it means you're feeling insecure in your current relationship with your partner and are afraid of being abandoned.

7. Sex With A Stranger

Your sex life has become boring, rote, a routine. Having sex in a dream with a stranger indicates that you need to step outside your comfort zone and take some risks. Some SEXY risks! 

So fret not, with these mysteries decoded it's officially safe to dream again.