100 Naked Women Crashed The RNC And The Photos Are BEAUTIFUL

Photo: Lindsey Byrne 
naked women rnc

They took peaceful protest to a whole new level.

In Cleveland, Ohio 100 naked women came together in a field.

It was a project organized by photographer Spencer Tunick called "Everything She Says Means Everything.

The naked women would pose together holding circular mirrors above their heads.

The mirrors would reflect the bodies of the women around them, along with the earth, sun, and sky. 

Oh, and I did mention this nude photo shoot was taking place just outside the Republican National Convention?

Because like, that's a pretty important factor in this story. 

Tunick had been planning this event for months. His goal was peaceful, organized, protest against Donald Trump.

What better way to stick it to a hate mongering neon colored packing peanut then by presenting him with an army of the very women he denigrates every single day of the week?

When Tunick announced his plan in May, he received more than 1800 applicants (including yours truly).

He wasn't looking for anything other than willingness to participate and a passion to stop Trump's ascendant to the White House.

The women who were selected were young and old and fat and thin and black and white and, perhaps most interestingly of all, Republicans and Democrats. 

Yes, Republicans.

Lest we forget, Trump isn't a Democrats-only problem. Many Republicans are mortified that he has made it thus far. And with good reason.

Trump speaks a fear-based rhetoric. 

He wants to build walls. He wants to ban people from this country based solely on their religious beliefs. The way he speaks about women brings me to near wordlessness. 

I mean come on: I want to have a daughter someday, but I don't want to have a daughter born under the reign of an orange tyrant whose been accused of rape and who owns an organization that trades in women's bodies subscribing to a patriarchal norm for commercial gain.

A ground of 100 naked women might seem like mere spectacle, but it is a powerful statement. When women gather together in the face of great danger, it speaks volumes.

I'm grateful that Tunick organized this piece of art, and the fact that literally thousands of women wanted to take part makes me believe that a Trump presidency is increasingly unlikely. 

Three cheers to these heroic woman for refusing to stay silent and hidden in the face of Trump's hate filled agenda.