5 B.S. Lies You Need To STOP Believing About Women Who Masturbate

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female masturbation myths


When I was a kid learning about sex, nobody talked to me about masturbation.

I could tell you all about periods, sperm, intercourse, and body hair, but when it came to female masturbation, I had not even one clue.

When I did finally pick up on the fact that masturbation was a thing (thanks, TV) it wasn't something cool people did. It was the provenance of pervy dudes who needed to get out more. 

The truth is that female masturbation wasn't a thing that existed in popular culture, let alone in the mainstream. 

That's begun to change. I feel like more and more people are talking about female masturbation, and that's dope as hell. 

But the battle hasn't been won just yet. There are still a lot of awful cliches about how female masturbation is bad being flung hither and thither in an effort to keep women where we've been for centuries: down at heel. 

Don't believe the hype. Believe the truth, and keep on jerkin' it. 

Lie #1: Masturbation Causes Infertility 

Unless a robber has been sneaking into you home, using your sex toys, not cleaning them, and they also have something like an STD, you'll be just fine. 

Lie #2: We Become Addicted To Vibrators

Yes that's right, we become addicted a fun thing that helps us get off. Nope, we just really like it.

Fret not, your vibe won't ruin you for partnered sex.

Lie #3: Masturbation Can Kill Your Sex Drive

Totally the opposite. Learning what your body loves and hates is what masturbation is all about. It can actually increase your sex drive.

Get to it, kids. 

4. Childhood Masturbation Means You're A Sex Freak

Nope, it means you're a normally developing human who has discovered that touching your junk feels great.

End of story. 

5. You're A Weirdo If You Don't Masturbate

Ninety percent of all women will masturbate at some point. That leaves 10% who don't. It's okay not to masturbate, as long you know it's an option that exists for you, and not doing it is something you feel good about.

That's Feminism, dogs. 

What myths about female masturbation did you believe?