7 Times Sansa Stark Proved She's As Much Of A Badass As Beyonce

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sansa stark game of thrones

All hail the Queen of the North.

TV's Sansa Stark has survived against all odds.

If you are a beloved character on HBO'S Game of Thrones, you are probably headed for death.

As fans, we all know this going in, but that doesn't make it any easier. 

When we watch the episodes, my roommate has what I call her "death blanket". It's a sheet she cuddles and hides behind each time she is so sure someone she loves will be getting the axe. 

She's not alone in this. Especially where Sansa is concerned.

Every week fans of Game of Thrones gather around their TV screens so sure that she is going to die.

But each week she gets a little tougher, a little taller, a little bit queenly. 


If Westeros had pop stars, she would be our Beyonce

She'd write and record an entire album about her relationship with Ramsay Bolton. Only hers would be called Lemon Cakes. (You know that bitch loves lemon cakes.)

But that's not where the similarities to Queen Bey end. In fact, Sansa has proved that the two powerhouse women are basically identical. Doubt me? Here's all the proof you need.  

1. When she refused to bow to any man

After an abusive engagement to a sociopath, then a marriage to a man she didn't know or love, and then ANOTHER marriage to ANOTHER sociopath who was even more abusive than the first, Sansa is so done with men treating her cruelly. She will wear her cloak, she will summon her guards, and she will end you. Independent, indeed. 

2. When she used what her mama gave her

Are any of us happy that she had to reach out to Little Finger? No. But do any of think this means he's got ANYTHING to hold over her now that he's helped? No effin' way. To the left, conniving jerk, to the left. 

3. When she was stone cold 

She knew KNEW that she would never see her little brother alive again. She didn't let anyone see her cry. She had a siege to plan. Beyonce didn't cry in public about Jay-Z, but I don't think even she could work that stiff of an upper lip upon losing a family member. 

4. When she was a fashion innovator

Which was more touching, her reunion with Jon or her presentation of a fabulous fur cloak to him? I think we all know. Next thing you know she'll be wearing a stylish metal glove. 

5. When she saved the hell out of Jon.

She didn't hold it again her half-brother when he didn't listen to her TOTALLY SAGE ADVICE about Ramsay. Instead, she made an goddamn queenly entrance with the massive forces provided by the Vale. This is the GoT equivalent of dropping a surprise album, only with more death. 

6. When it all went to the dogs.

Sansa finally got her revenge. Her coy smile while walking away from Ramsay's dogs screamed "Sorry, I ain't sorry." 

She's doing mama Stark proud. Sansa for Queen of the North, y'all!