Why You Need To Learn To Enjoy Your Own Company

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How To Be Happy Being Alone And How It Can Benefit Your Other Relationships

By Autumn Burns-Taylor

In this age of mass interaction on social media, spending time with others seems to be the norm.

In fact, when we see someone sitting alone, we think that there must be something wrong with them. We think that they’re definitely lonely. We believe that they need company. However, we couldn’t be more wrong. 

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The belief that we must spend time with others to feel happy is a foolish ideology. Spending time alone doesn’t mean that you’re completely devoid of relationships. Sometimes, people simply enjoy their own company.

Personally, I think that spending quality time with myself is amazing. Sure, I have a husband, a loving family, and a great group of friends. But, I’m accustomed to alone time and I genuinely love being all by myself. 

I enjoy solidarity, because I can make my own schedule and do whatever I want. After all, how often do my wants actually line up with everyone else’s in my friend group? Well, when I spend time with myself, I can make every decision on my own.

If I want to spend the day hanging out in my underwear and painting, so be it. If I want to explore a new museum, then I just go. Spending time alone allows me all of the freedom I want with none of the compromise.

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Also, being a lone wolf has significantly boosted my confidence. I’m free to be myself without fear of judgement. I now feel confident enough in myself to shrug off other's opinions when I wear a cardigan that everyone hates.

Besides, if I’m hanging out with myself all day, who could possibly care about my outfit? I don’t worry about seeking validation from others, because I trust my instincts more. The confidence I’ve gained from going solo has helped me maintain high self-esteem and value myself as a person. 

I really enjoy the little things when I’m on my own, too. I sit alone in coffee shops and watch the world roll by outside as I overhear funny conversations. I can soak in every moment with all of my senses and I don’t feel like I need to move at anyone else’s pace. Essentially, when I’m alone, I can simply relax and recharge. 

When you regularly spend time alone, you also strengthen your relationships. Your interactions become more intentional and you appreciate your time with your family and friends.

When you spend time alone, you cherish time with others even more because as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I highly recommend learning to enjoy your own company. Making your own happiness costs nothing, so why not make yourself happy? You’re awesome, so you’re all you really need!

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Autumn Burns-Taylor is a writer who focuses on self-love, self-care, and health and wellness. For more of her self-love content, visit her author profile on Unwritten.

This article was originally published at Unwritten. Reprinted with permission from the author.