6 Super Bizarre Things That Happened On 'The Bachelorette' Premiere

Photo: Tumblr

For starters: blue balls.

The love. The drama. The intense drum beating during the rose ceremony. The Bachelorette, in all it's reality TV glory, is back. 

Premiering Monday night, the show features the gorgeously so called "down-the-earth" Jojo Fletcher who's consistent with all the former bachelorettes in terms of looking flawlessly beautiful while simultaneously wondering why if everyone is here "for the right reason." 

Though the show's supposed mission is to help people find love, we know it's only true purpose in our lives is for complete and total dissection. 

Bachelor Nation teaches us the dos and don'ts — mostly don'ts — of modern dating and gives us all something to continuously gossip about and look forward to. 

So whether you're going all in this season with a Bachelorette Bracket, or if you're lying to your friends about "never even seeing" the show, there are a few super weird things you should know about it's debut, as told by Twitter: 

1. No one has real jobs

Some crowd favorites for the contestants job titles were "hipster," "Bachelor Superfan" and "Canadian." 


2. The ones who had real jobs, had really weird jobs. 

Evan, the erectile dysfunction specialist, was full of awkward boner puns. 

3. A few of the men had TV Doppelgangers 

The world must be ending because Jim Halpert made an appearance as did handsome Squidward. 

4. The "Damn Daniel" joke was insanely overplayed. 

A guy made a "Damn Daniel," joke and it totally went over beautiful little Jojo's head. Oh, and he got super drunk, stripped down to his undies, jumped in the pool and somehow STILL managed to get a rose. 

5. And Daniel, who is also the "Canadian," started a belly button fight

In one swift moment, he drunkenly poked the belly button of another man and became this season's "weirdo." 

6. Pretty much all the guys we deemed as "ew weird never" got a rose 

Including Dammit Daniel, Jojo also gave a rose to the erectile dysfunction guy and the guy who wore a Santa suit were in her list of top choices. Thankfully, the kilt guy and the guy who gave her "blue balls," did not make the cut. 

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