Broken Penises (AKA Every Dude's Nightmare) Are Totally A Real Thing

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A Broken Penis (AKA Every Man's Nightmare) Can Really Happen

Umm ... what?!

Nothing kills the mood in the bedroom faster than a broken penis. Yep, you read that right: Penises can actually BREAK.

Unfortunately, this shocking occurrence isn’t as uncommon as it might seem. 


According to Men’s Health, because many men feel a sense of shame about suffering from broken penises, they often avoid being honest with others, even their doctors, about the injury. So even though you’re probably not likely to hear about your friends or acquaintances’ penises breaking, it actually does happen. 

So what exactly causes this incredibly awkward problem?

The injury, medically known as a penile fracture, isn’t like a breaking your arm or leg since there are no actual bones in a penis.

Here’s what really happens: During sexual arousal, a man’s penis becomes erect as two internal tubes engorge with blood. That part is totally normal. Penile fractures can occur when an erect penis sustains strong force, most often during rough sex or aggressive masturbation, and these tubes cannot withstand the trauma. This increased pressure causes the tubes to rupture. 

At this point, there’s usually a popping sound and loss of erection, followed by pain, bruising, and swelling in the genital region.


But even though this serious injury is obviously extremely painful, there is some good news. With surgery, doctors can successfully treat most cases of “broken penis syndrome” so that a man’s sexual function will fully return in about a month.

So if any penile fracture symptoms ever arise during one of your rolls in the hay, don’t let social stigmas stand in the way of your health! Get to an emergency room STAT to receive the medical attention you need to prevent future complications or erectile dysfunction

Trust us, the temporary embarrassment will be well worth it in the long run.