Pot Chocolate Is A THING (For Those Who Like To Get High On Edibles)

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Weed chocolate

These aren't ordinary weed chocolates.

If you heard someone say, "I'm taking Zak to the concert," or "I took Vivienne with me to the beach," it wouldn't make you think that anything was out of the usual.

But along with Ralph and Myra, Zak and Vivienne aren't just first names — they're the names of the cannabis chocolates from To Whom it May (TWIM). And these words no longer sound like fun times with friends but experiences that one isn't likely to forget.

To Whom it May takes their chocolates very seriously. They didn't just want to create some kind of device to get weed into your system without regard to taste, appearance, and ingredients — they want to give their customer a more sophisticated product.

"We tried to break away from the common edible/stoner stigma, and present our chocolates as a way to engage the world rather than disconnect, and create a box that stirs intrigue when first looked at, and when the word cannabis is seen on it, to avoid a negative reaction," the company said.

The box is pretty, vibrant and much more elegant than a baggie.

Besides the beautiful packaging, one of the key things that set this brand apart is their use of healthier ingredients. No processed sugars, corn, soy, dairy or preservatives are used in their candy.

"We believe edibles should contain ingredients with medicinal or nutritional values. Anything else is an oxymoron," says Tomer of To Whom it May.

On the website, they describe their candy as "Marvelous, meticulously hand-crafted cannabis chocolates brought to life as smooth, nutty truffles, and bold, boozy bonbons. Enticing, enlivening, and unforgettable, our fabulous flavors don only dark chocolate, the finest of ingredients, and oh-so-lovely intellects ... you'll see!"

Intriguing indeed. Instead of sugar, TWIM uses honey in their candy and uses THC-infused coconut oil.

The quality and artistry of the chocolates are so high (no pun intended) that even without the addition of THC, they are a delicious treat. The flavors of the chocolates vary: Vivienne is sweet and spicy, Zak is smooth and smoky, Myra bold and boozy, and Ralph rich and nutty.

Ralph looks like a truffle and tastes like a truffle, but is so much more.

TWIM advises being mindful of who surrounds you, the places you go and to choose a dose that's just right. The chocolates come in 2.5, 15 and 45mg, with a clear dosing guide to help ensure a pleasant experience for all levels.

"The lowest chocolate at 2.5 mg is probably the lowest dose in CA," Tomer says. "We wanted to make sure that someone who never tried cannabis before would still be able to have a good experience, without having to cut a small piece of the edible and feel inferior in any way."

At this point, you can only purchase these chocolates via the website, or delivery if you're in the L.A. area and are a member of The Art of Edibles Cannabis Collective (who are the sole producers and distributors of the chocolates).

The chocolates are sold only for medicinal use by qualified patients. In compliance with the State of Californias H&S Code 11362.5, all customers must be members of The Art of Edibles Cannabis Collective. Membership requires proof of California residency as well as a valid doctor's recommendation card for medical marijuana.

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As it says on the outside of the To Whom it May box, "Delight or give flight," which I'm sure is the promise that Zak, Myra, Ralph and/or Vivienne make to each and every customer.