7 Things We’d Miss Terribly If Aliens Abducted Miley Cyrus

Photo: WeHeartIt

Party in the UFO?

There's a lot that could be said about the great MC; some good, some bad, all juicy. 

I've been a fan since her Hannah Montana days and watching Miley Cyrus transition into a shockingly open and intensely creative artist has been nothing short of fascinating. Now whether you find her antics inspiring, offensive or somewhere in between, I think we could all agree that if she were taken from this Earth by a gang of extraterrestrials we'd have a hard time finding something else to watch. 

Maybe she was abducted or maybe she befriended the aliens over a fat blunt. Either way, here are some things we'd miss if Miley was gone: 

1. Her weird sense of style


If I could describe the majority of her looks in just a few words, it would be: not boring. Miley experimented with major hair changes, pasties and leotards that seem to scream "LOOK AT MY CROTCH." But in my opinion, the end-game in fashion is to be silly and have fun. And in that case, she's killin' it. 

2. Her famous tongue 


While her tongue hasn't been in the spotlight for some time now, that doesn't mean we haven't forgotten it and all its glory. Whether its making an appearance on the red carpet or stealing the show during a live twerk routine, Cyrus' tongue would be dearly missed. 

3. Her insane live performances


The props, the dancing, THE OUTFITS. Since her transformation, Miley's performances have never, ever, ever been dull. Even those who aren't fond of her music can't help but watch her in action. 

4. Her sense of humor 


Miley's actually really funny. Her ability to laugh at herself and how people portray her only makes her easier to relate to — and love

5. The way she says "bitch" 


That slight southern twang that I hope to God she'll never loses makes the way she pronounces certain curse words (or maybe all of them) hilarious and adorable. I've completely accepted the fact that you think you're a bad bitch Miley, but sometimes your Hannah Montana shows and I can't help but love it.

6. Her ability to be vulnerable.


I don't know if there are records kept for this kind of thing, but Miley might be the person who's cried the most on television. In music videos and during performances, she's no stranger to letting her guard down. 

7. And how at the end of the day, how she just effing gets it. 


She's constantly getting criticized for everything she does, but she always knows how to rise above her haters. And that's, what we'd miss the most.