4 Old-School Rules You Can (And SHOULD) Ditch For Your Wedding

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4 Old-School Wedding Rules You Can (And SHOULD) Ditch

By Jen Glantz

When you put your wedding planning hat on and start making decisions about what you want to include in your wedding and what you want to leave out, it's important to make a list of wedding traditions and etiquette rules that you don't prefer or like very much. You can easily toss them to the curb and leave them out of your big day or you can adjust them a bit so they fit your wedding style and personality.

To get you started, here are 4 wedding etiquette rules you can totally throw out the window. 

1. Don't let the bride's parents pick up the bill.

For ages, it was almost assumed that the bride's parents paid for the wedding. But, that's no longer the case. Now, it's more of a conversation. Both families sit down with the couple and chat about money and set a budget before the wedding planning starts. It's even common—now—that the couple pays for the entire wedding themselves.

2. You don't need party favors.

Skipping out on party favors is an okay thing to do at modern weddings. It'll cut the cost down and even save you from buying items that most of your guests will forget to take home with them. 

3. Split seating during the ceremony is a little old school.

It's no longer required to have the bride's family sit on one side and the groom's family sit on the other. Mixed seating is okay to do and even makes the newly fused together families feel more comfortable at the ceremony.

4. No, you really don't NEED to walk down the aisle if you don't want to.

If walking down the aisle is something that makes you feel jittery or even suffocates you with nerves, you can skip that tradition altogether. You don't have to do a long, straight walk. You can have the ceremony start with both of you up there together or even walking down the aisle together.

This article was originally published at Brides. Reprinted with permission from the author.