Man Proves Husbands Are Sexy Too With Cowboy-Themed 'Dudeoir' Shoot

Photo: Masika May Photography
What It Would Look Like If Men Did Sexy Boudoir Shoots

What if men did boudoir shots? Or as award-winning photographer Masika May calls it, dudeoir shots. The photos are part of a project for a Dudeoir Calendar which, yes, you can get on the waitlist for

The shots include a country theme, featuring men in boudoir poses in various areas of a farm. Dressed in what appears to be spandex shots, leather cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat, the male model poses sultrily and seductively, while surrounded by chickens, horses, and hay — a lot of hay.

Boudoir shots, for some women, is a way to boost their confidence. After all, it takes guts to bare yourself to a stranger, especially if you've never done anything quite like it. Society is unfortunately obsessed with bodies and the way they should look.

But that shouldn't stop you from doing something as daring as boudoir. And the lack of body insecurity isn't only prevalent in women — men have it, too.

In fact, according to The Guardian, "more than four in five men (80.7 percent) talk in ways that promote anxiety about their body image by referring to perceived flaws and imperfections, compared with 75 percent of women." 

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And we have to admit, we're rather impressed and applaud the model on his level of confidence and complete comfort in his body. Sexy boudoir shoots should no longer be limited to just women, and Dudeoir is a step closer to making body acceptance and positivity possible for men.

All Photos: Masika May Photography

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