Screwing My Married Professor Seemed Like A Good Idea Until....

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My Friend Hooked Up With Her Professor

He was sending serious signals: a tone of voice here, a reciprocated touch on the shoulder there.

Written by: Molly Ewing

In college, I had this great friend named Julie (not her real name). Julie was the ultimate cool girl and she was a cool girl without being a dick about it. She wore hiking boots, leggings, vests, and parkas every day in the winter. She had a great pixie hair cut, gorgeous Italian olive skin, and huge eyes.

She was straight up-naturally beautiful, wicked smart, and the easiest person to hang out with with. She wasn't cocky, plus, she was super-down-to-earth. So maybe it's no wonder her professor liked her, too.


In the late fall of her senior year, she started telling me about these "vibes" she was getting from one of her professors. He was hot, for sure, she told me, and she was pretty sure he was sending her serious signals: a tone of voice here, a reciprocated touch on the shoulder there.

The class went on community service project one day, and he sent around his cell number for people in case they got lost on the way. Julie got lost, called for directions, and the day went on. A few weeks later, she didn't make it to class, and got a text from the professor: "Didn't see you in class today. Everything OK?" He definitely had her number now.


After the semester ended, she wasn't in a class with him anymore. His texts started coming slightly more frequently and she was into it. He was married, which they both knew, but it didn't seem to be an issue with either of them.

Julie kept me in the loop with what was going on, and it didn't sound all that different from my experiences talking to guys — except that this guy happened to be 30-something (and married).

His wife was going to be out of town the following week. They met up for drinks. Then, they went to his house and had sex. Afterwards, she drove back to her house near campus. And then nothing else happened.

Julie wasn't damaged. She wasn't upset. She got laid! She was feeling pretty good about it. The {{ sex was good, the guy was nice, smart, mature, and treated her with respect. (As far as respecting his wife, that's another story.)


This happened in the middle of her last semester of college, and they had sex a few more times before she graduated. It was never anything serious at all, both of them knew it was going nowhere, and they were good with that. Julie graduated, moved across the country, and has a great new boyfriend.

I asked her about that time she "f*cked the professor" on the phone a few weeks ago, and asked what she thought about it, now two years later. She said exactly what I figured she'd say: sometimes, sex is just sex.

This article was originally published at FlockU. Reprinted with permission from the author.