Broken Hearts Displayed IRL At The Museum Of Broken Relationships

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Where the memory of your relationship is turned into art.

Los Angeles is a town that knows heartbreak and ruined relationships all too well. People come from all over just to have their dreams smashed and shattered, and that kind of negativity can affect even the strongest relationship.

While most Angelenos aren't as superficial as most people believe, there's often a feeling of something better. I've been to parties before and knew that the person I was talking to was scanning the room looking for a bigger name or someone who could help their career.

The "something better" idea translates very easily in terms of relationships and entitlement. If you have an attractive boyfriend, you could probably get an even better one. Or if your bae is too high-maintenance, perhaps the next one will be easier, hotter, and more successful. 

Satisfaction with what one has can be elusive in the City of Angels, and that's why opening the second Museum of Broken Relationships (MoBR) is a perfect fit. We need a way to deal artistically with our pain.

After their romance ended in 2003, Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić came up with the idea of a traveling museum made up of the artifacts of broken relationships. In 2010, a permanent location was established in Zagreb, Croatia.

Since the supply of breakup materials is never ending, the museum's collection has continued to grow, and they've hosted exhibitions all around the world. In each city, like Cape Town, South Africa and Paris, France, the museum has called for submissions. 

By encouraging submissions, the collection becomes far more personal and interactive. Each item has a card with the story and details of the relationship. There are no names attached to the relationship artifact, and only the museum staff knows who contributed what.

You can donate a broken heart memento by filling out an online donation form, and will probably feel a lot better than having to see it every day and experience your heartbreak all over again.

Some exhibit examples include mannequin hands, a bouquet of paper flowers, and a rubber apron with gigantic breasts attached to the front — all with their back story, the city and country of origin, and the explanation of their emotional significance. 

All photos: Instagram.com/museumofbrokenrelationships

Although the museum doesn't open the doors of its Hollywood location until May, there have been a number of local pop-up exhibits to develop interest and excitement. There are plans for at least two more previews, so you'll want to follow MoBR on Twitter and Instagram.

Breakups suck and the pain can last much longer than you'd ever expect, but by sharing the pain (even anonymously), it can help soften the sting and help the healing process.