LOL: Watch These Crazies Go Around And Chop Off Hipsters' Man Buns

Photo: Derick Watts and The Sunday Blues
Chop Off Hipsters' Man Buns


Top knots aren't a ponytail, but they're not quite man-buns either — they're the in-between stage of hipster hairstyles. Some people may find it attractive and hot, while others just find it silly and kind of obnoxious. The latter is what you need to watch out for.

Members of a South African comedy team Derick Watts and The Sunday Blues decided to express their annoyance with the male top knot and randomly drove around Cape Town looking for men committing crimes against hair fashion.

When they spied some guy wearing the hairdo, one of the team members (the barber) jumped out of the car, ran (with scissors in hand) and cut off the offending top knot. Before the haircut victim could protest, the haircutter was back in the car and the team went looking for the next person to punish.

Here's the video, which is all sorts of wrong (but still kind of right). If you're against hipster-on-hipster crime, then look away. If not, enjoy this form of hair vigilante justice.


Obviously, this is a comedy video with everything staged and all in good fun. No man-buns or tiny top knots were harmed in the making of this video.