3 Things Your Poop (Yes, Your Poop) Says About You And Your Health

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3 Things Your Poop Says About You And Your Health

We all do it. Don't feel weird.

While it's probably not your favorite thing to do, it's a good idea to look at your poop. Yes, it's disgusting and most of us would just like to do our business and go, but your poop can give you a lot of clues to what's going on with your health. There's a reason that Dr. Oz is always going on about poop.

video created by the community Mama Natural gives the scoop on what makes a good poop. While it's TMI, it's important to know the three main things to look for in a bowel movement.

1. Change in frequency is a sign something is wrong. What's a normal amount for one person may not be for another. Some people go once a day, others two to three times a day, and some as little as three times a week. But all are considered normal depending on the person's regular pattern. It's when things change drastically that you need to be alarmed. You want to feel completely emptied when you're done.

2. Eating certain foods affect the color. A normal stool should be a medium to dark brown. If you eat things like beets, they will affect your color. Bleeding in the intestine, diseases of the liver, pancreas and intestines, and some medications can also cause a change in the color.

3. There's an ideal shape for your stool. You want a stool that isn't too loose or too well-formed. The Bristol Stool Chart shows the different types of poop formations. Your number two should be a number four: the sausage/snake that's smooth and soft.

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Check out this video that explains what your poop says about you: