Who Is More Reluctant To Ask For HELP Finding Love: Men Or Women?


We all need support. It's OK to admit it!

Dating is an area of people's lives where nearly everyone needs a little support. We wish it was easy to find "the one," but that doesn't always happen without a little intervention.

As a website with literally millions of people talking about finding and keeping love, it's curious why more people don't simply seek out the help they need in the same way they might hire a personal trainer or financial planner.

Clearly we think about finding love differently than attaining other important goals.

Love doesn't just come knocking on your door simply because you're ready and available. So why don't we ask for help?

One profession that routinely deals with dating insecurities and challenges are matchmakers. The world of a matchmaker is uniquely special: They pair singles together based on a set of preferences in the hope that a "love connection" will occur.

But, let's get real  singles are often single for a reason.

Barriers to finding love like limited time, being picky or needing to set realistic expectations are all part of how matchmakers help singles find love. And that's where the fun begins!

To dig into this topic, we gathered professional matchmaker and host Paul Carrick Brunson; certified matchmaker, dating coach and founder and CEO of New York Socials Marina Margulis; certified matchmaker, dating coach and founder of AVConnexions, LLC Arlene Vasquez; and matchmaker and dating coach Peggy Wolman to discuss why asking for help is so hard and to get their opinions on who has the harder time: Men or women.

The panel was split on the decision (hear their individual opinions in the video above) but overall it seems the very process of ASKING is the real  challenge.

It isn't the actual act of accepting help that's hard, it's summoning the vulnerable courage to actually ASK for help in the first place. is where the true challenge lies.  Brene Brown, author of Daring Greatly and Rising Strong, sheds a strong light on why we struggle so much when it comes to asking for help. The answer may surprise you.

According to Brown, the mere fact that we judge ourselves so harshly for asking for help translates into negatively judging others as they reach for help, too. "When you cannot accept and ask for help without self-judgment, then when you offer other people help, you are always doing so with judgment."


No wonder singles feel reluctant to ask a friend (or a professional matchmaker) for a little help and advice. 

So if you're reading this today and thinking: I want love in my life ... we challenge you to DO something to help you in that search. 

ArlenePeggy and Marina are at your service. You can reach them by simply clicking their names above and visiting their websites. They'll share everything you need to know about working with a matchmaker and how they can support you in finding the love of your life.