Does Binge-Watching 'Orange Is The New Black' Make YOU Horny?

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Who knew!?

Although Netflix can be seen as a mood crasher — because couples can ignore each other to catch up on their favorite shows — some women find that certain shows they watch are great for foreplay, and enhance their partner's chances to get lucky.

Women's Health Magazine surveyed their readers and found the shows women say put them in the mood.

The shows in the survey included: How I Met Your Mother, Friends, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Bloodline, Planet Earth, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, The Walking Dead, The League, Archer, and Bob's Burgers.

All of them are certainly binge-worthy, but only one can be deemed the greatest form of Netflix foreplay. And the title goes to ... Orange is the New Black!

According to the survey, 35 percent of participants said they'd "gotten busy after watching Piper and Co." Percentages of other shows include runner up How I Met your Mother at 31 percent, and Friends at 26 percent, while Bloodline finished last at 3.5 percent, along with The League and Planet Earth.

With the right amount of sexy scenes, drama, and humor, it's no wonder Orange is the New Black came out on top. All the entertainment senses are stimulated, leaving viewers satisfied and ready for some action of their own. 

Think twice about what shows you're watching before bed, and definitely move Orange is the New Black into your queue to break out on special occasions.
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