Great News! You Can Now Officially MAKE OUT With Your Coffee Cup

MAKE OUT With Your Coffee Cup

Best. Invention. Ever.

Art should do many things: it should inspire us, make us think, and most importantly, it should make us feel. We appreciate some art on an aesthetic level, and with functional art we can enjoy it both for its beauty and for what it does.

Artist Jang WooSeok has designed a takeout coffee cup lid with a nose and pursed lips — a lid that kisses you back when you drink from it. Most coffee disposable coffee cup lids have a hole to put in a straw or to drink from directly, but this one looks like the bottom half of a human face.

Photo: Instagram/wos.ja

"I love both coffee and kisses," WooSeok said explaining his work to The Creators Project. "So I began to sketch the idea at the cafe. Funny, I imagined people having pure joy when walking around, kiss lid in hand.

Photo: Behance.net/oowoo

This piece of functional art is called Coffee Lid: Take 'Kiss' Out, and gives the user a visually funny and emotionally different coffee-drinking experience.

We know that coffee is good for you — it helps prevent heart disease and liver disease, has antioxidants that protects cells from damage, disease and dying, and on top of that it can help prevent, treat or possibly reverse type 2 diabetes

And kissing has its own set of benefits such as lowering stress, increasing pleasure, and reducing pain. Imagine a coffee lid with all those benefits.

Photo: Behance.net/oowoo

The lid is only a prototype right now, but there are plans to produce it in the future. Soon, you'll be able to add what type of lid you want to your order. "I'll have a decaf, grande, no whip, latte with a kiss back lid."

Photo: Instagram.com/wos.ja