9 Reasons Why Amy Schumer In 'Trainwreck' Should Be Our Best Friend

Photo: IMDB
Amy Schumer and Bill Hader drinking at a bar in 'Trainwreck'

She's our favorite trainwreck.

YourTango got a first look at the newest rom-com Trainwreck. The face and brains behind the sure-to-be-summer-blockbuster is Amy Schumer. She's the witty, sarcastic and “approachable” face of the modern woman.

Schumer invites viewers to a two hour ride on the hot mess express that is her life. When years of promiscuous dating comes to a halt, she's forced to deal with something she's been avoiding — real emotion. Joined by co-stars like Bill Hader, LeBron James and John Cena, Schumer remains classy with the perfect amount of trashy throughout the movie. Here's why we all need a little Amy in our lives.

1. She's the life of the party.
She always goes out with a BANG. Whether it's an afternoon brunch featuring mimosas (minus the orange juice) or a night on the town to close out the bar, Amy is always down for a good time. It's a guarantee that she is your most loyal, and intoxicated, drinking buddy.

2. She’ll always tell you how it is.
If there’s one thing Amy is, it's blunt. She'll be the first one to tell you that she finds your kids annoying and your life miserable. When she calls her sister, played by Brie Larson, out for dressing her husband in tacky clothing so no one else wants to have sex with him, it's obvious  she cuts right to the chase.

3. She totally understands all our girly issues ...
She goes through the ever-present stresses of being female. The pressure to succeed in our careers, keeping the guys we date around and how our tampons sometimes look like something out of a Quentin Tarantino film are just a few obstacles we face. She's always up for girl talk, too. Her and her BFF Nikki, played by Vanessa Bayer, even bond over what era of Johnny Depp they'd bang (in case you were wondering, Amy’s an Edward Scissor hands type of gal).

4. … while still having major knowledge in guy topics.
Amy can totally hang with the guys. Talk about the perfect wing-woman: She's into beer and sports, just like them! Her favorite team is the Orlando … Blooms? Okay, she may not be an expert in sports, but she's proficient in beer and the anatomy of men. Close enough, right?

5. She's a pro at sneaking snacks into movies.
While some favor popcorn and soda, Amy's more of a wine in a box kind of girl. No need to fret, she has enough to go around. It'll definitely be a night to, vaguely, remember. Even if it's some dramatic, black and white, dog-walking Daniel Radcliffe and Marisa Tomei film.

6. She can adapt to any setting and still be fabulous.
Even when she's out of her element, she always comes out on top. She had no problem describing, in detail, her various sexcapades to the congregation of "Housewives from Hell" at her sister's baby shower. Their tales of secret Skinny Cow ice cream sessions are of no comparison which makes Amy one in a million.

7. She's always there for those in need.
Amy has a soft side, too. When things took a turn for the worst with her father's illness, she stood by his side the whole time. She wanted to keep his snow globe collection and all his Mets memorabilia because she knew that's what made him happy. In her relationship with Aaron, played by Bill Hader, she stuck by his side despite her hectic work schedule and raging boss constantly calling her. That's love.

8. She always goes the distance to make things right.
Making amends with who she's hurt is very important to her. When she performed an intense dance routine with the Knicks cheerleaders for Aaron, you know she'd do pretty much anything for the ones she loves. She even begins to get to know her sister's stepson despite her sworn oath against children.

9. She has friends in high and low places.
Everyone loves Amy. From high profile doctors (Aaron) to a homeless person on the street corner (played by the incomparable Dave Atell!), she makes friend with the most unlikely of people. She doesn't judge you on what you do for your 9-5, as long as you don't judge her for what she does on the weekends. And that’s why she's our #BestfriendGoal.