Got The HPV Vaccine? You Might Need Another Shot!

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New study finds that the original vaccine dosn't cover all the strains of HPV.

You might feel victorious for finally getting caught up with your vaccinations, including the one for the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), but you might not be out of the woods just yet! Scientists are saying that women who got vaccinated for HPV may be advised to get another shot in the future. Please say it ain't so!

The HPV vaccine helps protect women against cervical cancer, since some strains of HPV are tied to it. A new study from the American Association of Cancer Research looked at information of 600 women between the ages 20 and 26, 80 of them got the Gardasil HPV vaccine. 

Here's what they found.

Vaccinated women were less likely to be infected with four strains of the virus. However, they had a 40 percent higher risk of being infected by another high-risk HPV than unvaccinated women.

Whaaa — what?! So we're pretty much damned if we do, damned if we don't!

"Vaccinated women who got the quadrivalent [four-strain] vaccine may get the nine-valent [strain] vaccine as further protection for them," says researcher Fangjian Guo of the new study

They haven't figured out why vaccinated women are still at risk, but it may be recommended that vaccinated women get the Gardasil 9 vaccine. Given that it protects against the four strains that the original shot covers in addition to five other strains. The shot was approved back in December 2014, so that's why many women weren't given it.

Frustrated? That's understandable, but there's a lot that goes into a vaccination.

Kunle Odunsi explains to Live Science, "We need to remember that there are more than 80 HPV types, and some of them can still be associated with risk of cervical malignant disease." 

Ugh, this only means one thing: Time to setup a gyno appointment ladies.