Your (Super Accurate) April 2015 LOVE Horoscope, REVEALED!

April love horoscope
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What's in store for your romantic life this month? Read on to find out.

Welcome to YourTango's monthly love horoscope column from astrologer Ellen Whitehurst! Look up your sign to see what awaits you in the romance department for April. You can follow Ellen on Facebook to get more surprisingly on-point love predictions for your love sign (you're welcome).

Please note: the predictions provided here follow Western astrological dates.

ARIES (March to April 20): Good news! This month you won't be able to avoid attracting tons of attention. You'll be an attraction magnet with expansive and extravagant Jupiter in dramatic and theatrical Leo in your 5th House of True Love, Pleasure, Creativity, Kids, Joy, and Fun.

This is the house of lovers. If you have one, then expect to fan the flames of armor. But if you're still single, you can count on finding someone special who makes your heart flutter (and not in a cardiac arrest way).

If you're going out and about in the big wide world, be sure to dress to impress. You won't be able to help but do anything else.
TAURUS (April to May 21): Up until April 11, loving and lovely Venus—your own seductive ruling planet—will be in your home sign. This means you'll attract all kinds of attention from others while also having tons of choices of lovers.

If you are already attached, these energies will make your love life hotter than ever. If you're single and ready to mingle, you might just find yourself enjoying a fun fling. Either way, you're about to "get lucky" ... and I mean that just the way you think.
GEMINI (May to June 21): On April 11, Venus, the Goddess of Love, will take up real estate in your sign and 1st House of Personality and Appearance. For the next month people won't want to leave you alone and you'll find yourself the most attractive lover around.

For the next month, you'll attract tons of admirers and won't believe the amount of potential partners vying for your attention. Seduction will be your calling card. Enjoy the smorgasbord, but don't settle for just anyone since there will be so many amazing choices hoping you pick them.
CANCER (June to July 22): Okay, Cancer, if you are already attached, you need to keep a watch on your penchant to have a roaming eye, especially around April 11. This will be when that loving seductress Venus makes her way into Gemini, which is a sign some say is choosy and even a little fickle.

If you're already happily committed, just lay back (literally) and enjoy. But if you're still looking for that perfect partner, get ready to be quite distracted by someone who thinks you walk on water. This person's not all wet, but you might need to have a towel handy anyway.
LEO (July to August 22): Serious Saturn is moving through your 5th House of True Love, smoothing the way for you to become personally involved with someone who is either older or younger than you are.

Before you decide which potential partner is right for you, be sure to take this relationship out for a test drive. Put your pedal to the metal and don't care what anyone else thinks or says. Just stay open to opportunities ... and while you are going for that test drive, follow your heart.
VIRGO (August to September 22): Sensual, passionate, and loving Venus will hold court in Taurus until April 11, keeping you and your sweetie holed up and holding each other, too.

Even if your friends are missing your company, they'll have to wait a bit longer while you and your partner spend some serious alone time together.

If there is no partner at the moment, there will be soon; keep your chin up and your hair coifed. If and when you want to bring your loved one out of the Red Room, choose to do that thru the 26th.
LIBRA (September to October 22): The efforts you recently took to improve your appearance—especially if you did something on April 4—will attract some entirely new and different admirers this month, especially Libra around the New Moon in Aries on April 18.

This Moon will activate your 7th House of Partners (and one-on-one relationships) and will do so in a big and wonderful way. If you're not seeing anyone, get ready for an ardent admirer who thinks you are the bees knees. This potential partner will give new meaning to "finding your honey."
SCORPIO (October to November 22): On April 20, the sizzling Sun will take off for sensual Taurus and your 7th House of Partners Scorpio, then the fun will really begin. If you're already attached, you'll be offered tons of sexy energy to bring the passion back into your relationship.

Now, if you're still single, never leave the house without looking and feeling your best, since you'll definitely be meeting some delicious and deluxe candidates during the next few months.

One is sure to steal your heart and they won't even have to go to jail once they do.
SAGITTARIUS (November to December 21): If you haven't found "the one" by April 8 or 9, a hot new admirer might be heating up your love life. They'll spark your interest by being adventurous and bold enough to appeal to your risky nature, but the deciding factor will be how they react to obstacles and challenges on April 15.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for stinkin' thinkin' and immature behavior. This may or may not be your perfect partner, but you will figure that out sometime very soon.
CAPRICORN (December to January 20): Boy, oh boy (or girl, oh girl), you are going to have several planets partying in your 5th House of True Love and Pleasure, and they'll all be done-up in sensual and passionate Taurus.

If you're in an existing relationship, prepare to watch it become the partnership you once dreamed about. You can rekindle this passion in a big and wonderful way, much to the delight of your special and significant other.

If you're still single and looking, keep an eye out for someone who seriously strikes your fancy.
AQUARIUS (January to February 19): Beneficent Jupiter's presence in your 7th House of Partners will stir things up for you. Something's cooking in your love life and it will be delicious.

Generous Jupiter will be in romantic Leo, so whether you're single or attached, Jupiter is about to provide you with opportunities to snuggle with someone really special.

A particularly HUGE opportunity to find love will happen on or around April 22, so get ready to be swept off your feet—with or without a Swiffer.
PISCES (February to March 20): The Lunar Eclipse on April 4 will occur in your 8th House of Intimacy, so get out those pink sheets and candles, some ylang ylang essential oil, and spend some serious time with a potential partner.

If it feels right, then commit to being involved for the long haul. If you have even the slightest question about whether this is the right person for you, cut the ties and walk away before this thing gets too complicated.