Adrienne Bailon Reveals Secrets Of "My Crazy Love" Series

Adrienne Bailon My Crazy Love Premiere

Adrienne Bailon spills the secrets of "My Crazy Love"

Have you ever done something totally cray cray, out there and insane for love? Like pretend you are deaf or jump out of a plane despite being terrified of heights? Maybe you haven’t done those exact things, but you know you have put yourself out there and acted a fool, all for love. But have you ever shared it with the whole world on a TV show? That’s just what Oxygen’s new half-hour series My Crazy Love does. The series premieres tonight, October 28 at 10PM, and it chronicles the wild, embarrassing and, well, crazy s**t that people have done for love.

Every week, reel peeps will peel back the curtain on their dirty little (and cray cray) love secrets. Being in love will make you do extreme and embarrassing things. The show features interviews with the love nut jobs, spliced with re-enactments of what they did, so you get the real, the raw, the entertaining and the dramatic.

Adrienne Bailon of The Real and Nail’d It appears on the debut episode and she gave us the hint on her cray cray actions and what nerve the show taps into.

The concept of My Crazy Love is pretty "put it out there." What attracted you to do this show and let it all hang out?

It is fun to share stories like this. When I am in love, I am totally crazy. It is fun to share those types of stories. They make you laugh and they make you go, "Oh my God!" It's relatable. You can relate to the fact that when you are in love, you are crazy, no matter who you are. You will watch it and go, "So I am not the only one who has done this?"

It's an odd form of comfort. So, looking back at the craziest thing you did for love, is what's spotlighted on this episode "it?" Can you give us a hint prior to the premiere?

I did a series of crazy things to hold on to a guy. I had a near-death experience with crazy. I literally thought I was going to die.

That's pretty intense!

It was crazy, I tell ya.

Obviously, hindsight is 20/20 -- in your heart of hearts, would you do this crazy stuff again?

I would never do it again, never, ever again in my life. I would never do it again. You have to see the outcome to understand that.

Why are you so totally okay with putting this out there, for people to see?

I love love. I love hearing other people's love stories. I love hearing about married couples who have been wed for a long time, asking them, "How did you get together?" I have friends who have been happily married for years, but they have to work to get there. I am open and honest person and that is why it works for me to be on these types of shows. I am willing to share my story and keep it real. I kept it real with this story.

So, were you super duper embarrassed when you were recounting this story for the show?

Of course! But that comes with being in love. You are not always proud of your decisions, but it honest and it is real and it is my truth! The viewers can be entertained, but at the same time, they will see we are all human and we all doubt ourselves. There is a lesson to be learned.

You sound like a hopeless romantic. Any advice for someone who might be planning to make an elaborate or crazy gesture for love? Would you tell 'em to pull back? Don't do it? Think about it? Go with it?

I would say trust your gut. Your gut always tells you the right thing and if you can sleep at night and be at peace with what you want to do, then do it.

What other crazy things have you seen others do for love?

One of my girlfriends climbed through an AC vent in a hotel in Miami. They were out of the room and [the guy] was going to come over and get to the room before she did. She didn't want to see something like dirty underwear or clothes or girly products or something. He was like "What? Who cares?" But she climbed through the AC vent. Even if someone is the most sane and level-headed person there is, you can get story out of them that is crazy and that has to do with love. You are like, "Wait, what? You did that?" People are moved by love to do something crazy. That's the power of love.

Why do you think this show will draw other hopeless romantics in? 

People are going to fall in love with the show since the concept is amazing. I love love, and hearing love stories, since they are real stories. They are unique in their own way and you don't know the outcome until you watch. Does it work or doesn't it? It's like real life.