Here's Why Hot People Only Want To Date Even Hotter People

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See the facepalm-worthy infographic below.

As we've covered time and time again, it's hard out there in the dating world. While it seems to be harder for women who are — gasp —over the age of 30, it's still not exactly easy for men either. So, of course, we'd like to further prove this to you by adding some more fuel to the dating world fire.

A new study by EliteSingles has confirmed what every average looking person the world over has feared: that they are undateable, at least in the eyes of someone really good looking. A total of 500 singles on EliteSingles' site were asked how attractive they thought they were, then they were asked to rate the importance of looks, wealth, and a few other particulars, in regards to an ideal partner.

Over and over again, the people who perceived themselves as attractive, had a higher standard for those they would consider dating. People who didn't think they were all that, physically, were totally content to date whatever came along pretty much.

The reason, according to psychologist Dr. Wiebke Neberich, is something called "market value": "These results support what we've believed in science for some time. The most important thing regulating the partner market seems to be one's own perceived 'market value'. What we get depends on what we ourselves have to offer. Attractiveness is a valued quality and can thus be 'exchanged' at a good 'price'This explains the higher claims of the singles assessing themselves as more "attractive."

So, yes, 92 percent of perceived attractive singles, (emphasis on "perceived" here, people), felt that they should only be with successful people, while 69 percent of "less attractive" people felt that success wasn't super important in a partner. Which is all well and good until you have an unattractive, delusional egomaniac on your hands, then where do you go and what do you do? Talk about a hot mess.

But that stat isn't the only one that's going to force you to face-palm. Here are a few other ones that will make you cringe, or, if you're one of those really, really good looking people, be happy that your kind is looking, for well, your kind.