Free Birth Control Is Not Turning Us Into Tramps After All


A brand new study proves free birth control doesn't lead to riskier sex. Told ya so.

If we listen to people like Conservative fanatic Rush Limbaugh, any woman who uses birth control is a slut. Pre-marital and casual sex is bad, you guys. What's even worse than a woman who uses birth control for her trampy ways, is one who has the audacity to think that free birth control should be provided to anyone who wants it. Basically, if we go by Limbaugh's warped and archaic views of the world, we're all a bunch slores — but that's all a bunch of malarkey.

What Limbaugh and his cronies don't understand is free birth control actually isn't making women more promiscuous — and there are even studies to prove it. If fact, those women who participated in the 12-month long study where they were given access to free birth control, then had their sexual practices monitored, proved just how unbelievably wrong conservatives are on the topic.

1. Virgins stayed virgins.

Although some of the women who participated were virgins at the time who had the intention to lose that virginity during the months of the study, when the study was over and despite all that access to free birth control, 46 percent were still virgins. For those politicians out there who can’t do math, that's almost 50 percent. Go figure, huh?

2. The number of sexual partners decreased.

Once some of these women could get their hands on free birth control, there was actually a decrease in how many partners they had. At the beginning, 5.2 percent of the women had more than one partner, but that dropped to 3.3 percent by the study's end. I think this calls for some sort of "I Told You So" Dance, don't you?

3. Those with increased sexual partners were a VERY small amount.

Sixteen percent of women in the study admitted that their sexual partner amount did increase after the free birth control, but the real kicker? More often than not, that increase was from zero to one; hardly an amount that should have anyone concerned. We're all going to lose our virginity at some point, so it might as well be with free birth control in hand.

4. Women are actually fairly intelligent people.

According to the director of the council's Center for Human Dignity, Arina Grossu, "Contraception gives women a false sense of safety. Women think they are completely protected, and they are not." Breaking news, Grossu, the "fairer" gender actually isn't as stupid as you you'd like to believe! We can think and stuff! We can process information, solve problems, and figure things out on our own! (I'm not so sure I can say the same for you though, Ms. Grossu. You might need to be kicked out of the club.)