Alex Trebek's Mustache Is Making A Comeback (And I'm In Love)

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Respect the 'stache.


Okay, confession time: When I heard that longtime Jeopardy host Alex Trebek decided to grow out his mustache for about the 50th time, I swear I heard a thousand choir bells ringing in the distance. I may or may not have spent my days as a Jeopardy junkie creeping on this silver fox's quirky 'stache. Don't even lie: I know I'm not the only one that was sad when he got rid of it over a decade ago. Now, I just want to throw a party in its honor. The fact that he doesn't get why people (as in myself) are taking this so seriously makes it even more charming. And stop looking at me as if I have two heads: Trebek was quite the looker in his day (Spoiler: he still is!).

I mean, look at him circa the 60s:

Hold up: Is that you, Joseph Gordon-Levitt? If I wasn't swooning before, I sure am now. I've always had a thing for guys who rock facial hair. Whether it's a teeny lip tickler, manly stubble or a full blown beard, I seriously can't get enough. Now that Jeopardy is back for its 31st season (and Trebek is leaving the choice to shave it off or keep it up to the viewers), I can't wait to kick back and bask in all its glory. If you agree that he should let his mouth warmer (which even has its own twitter page) keep on keeping on, let's get the #KeepItTrebek hashtag trending on Facebook and Twitter. Honestly, was there ever really a debate?

But I'm pretty much a weirdo so maybe that's just me.