It's True, The Weather Affects Your Sexy Time

couple kissing on beach

One more reason to cry about the end of summer.

Whether it's rocking the LBD that shows off your hot bod or recieving a flirty text from your partner, there are plenty of things that get us in the mood. But did you know that the weather is one of the things? Yep, the strong sun has something in common with those date-night oysters— they're making you horny, baby.

Why You Want To Get It On In The Spring/Summer

Summer, the season that basically ended yesterday, is also perfect for getting frisky, and it turns out, it's not just because of your fabulous tan or fringe bikini.

Studies actually show that warmer weather is closely linked to an improved sex drive, mainly because of a hormone called the melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH), which stimulates the sex drive in women and is secreted when the sun is shining.

And in both men and women, the "happy" transmitter serotonin is generated more in spring and summer. The more sunlight, the more serotonin, the more happy feels, the more sexy time. Everyone wins ... until the season's over.

What Happens In Fall/Winter?

Once fall hits (so, pretty much any day now), you may not want to go for a roll in the hay quite so often. With less forceful sunlight comes lower levels of serotonin. Instead, melatonin will surge, which is a hormone that's generated in darker settings. Melatonin turns your sex drive down due to preventing the luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) from secreting.

While you may be uttering "not tonight, honey" a bit more in colder weather, it doesn't completely determine your sex life. You don't have to let winter win.

Good news is there are tons of fabulous ways to increase your sex drive, from aphrodisiacs to working out and our personal favorite — grabbing a massage. And if all else fails this winter, remember cuddling is a good (and warm) place to start things off right.

photo: weheartit.com