Will Cameron Diaz Find Lasting Love With Benji Madden? Maybe!

Cameron Diaz is like the Taylor Swift of the over-40 set. Will she ever settle down with "The One?"


Cameron Diaz is like the Taylor Swift of the over-40 set. She's beautiful. She is talented. She seems like lots of fun with her girlfriends. She, like Swift, appears to be somewhat unlucky in love, publicly so. Cam has had lots of high-profile romances with A-listers, having dated Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake and Alex Rodriguez, among others. But she has never married.

Her latest love interest is musician Benji Madden, twin brother of Joel Madden, husband of Nicole Richie. Still with us?

The yard hard musician, who is covered in tattoos in visible regions, like his arms, chest, back and neck, achieved mainstream success with his brother in their pop punk band Good Charlotte. He has dated a string of Hollywood lovelies, from Paris Hilton for a minute to Sophie Monk. He gets around. While it's been a while since Madden has had a hit record, he doesn't go it alone very often.

Diaz and Madden seem super happy, since they are so different. She is the quintessential cool and sunny Cali girl, while he is the heavily inked artist from Maryland. Plus, he's uncle to those cuties Harlow and Sparrow, making her Auntie Cam if this goes any further.

Seriously, though, if there were ever a case of opposites attracting, it's this.

Cam is 41, turning 42 in August, while Madden just turned 35. She has skewed towards dating younger men through the years, so that's not a big deal.

But for some reason, these two, seen frolicking on the beach with huge smiles recently, work. She is embracing a bad boy and having fun while doing it. Maybe that's while it will last. She has a history with pretty boys — Leto and Timberlake, specifically — so maybe her romance with someone who doesn't conform to outmoded Hollywood standards is just what this much-adored A-lister needs.

Here's the rundown of Cameron Diaz's past relationships. She is a serial dater who moves on quickly but stays with her men for a while. She has said she is not drawn to marriage or motherhood so that's probably a reason that her serious relationships ... ended. Perhaps Mr. Madden can change her mind.

Photo: IMDB

Matt Dillon:

Diaz dated her There's Something About Mary co-star from through 1998. They were young and attractive, but did not last.

Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon in "There's Something About Mary" - IMDB

Jared Leto:

Cam moved on quickly with Leto, dating him from through 2003, as he was making his leap from acting to music.

Jared Leto - IMDB

Justin Timberlake:

The A-listers dated from through 2006, but things remain cordial, as they starred in the bawdy, 2011-released comedy Bad Teacher together. There were rumors he cheated on her with Scarlett Johansson, but he quickly moved on to Jessica Biel, who is now his wife.

Justin Timberlake - IMDB

Alex Rodriguez:

The actress dated the much beleaguered MLB star Alex Rodriguez (A. Rod) for about a year, well after he split with Kate Hudson. Diaz and Rodriguez were together from 2010 through 2011. She was even seen feeding him popcorn at the Super Bowl when the cameras panned to them. It didn't last, though.

Alex Rodriguez - Instagram

Benji Madden:

The singer is Cam's current squeeze and while he is a few years younger, which has often been her MO. Howevs, he is heavily tattooed, which is not her pattern, since many of her men have been downright pretty. Even so, they embody the "opposites attract" construct and that should keep things interesting.

Benji Madden - Instagram