Violence In India Continues With Two More Women Hanged From Trees


What on Earth is happening in India?

Two more women have been found dead, hanging from trees in Uttar Pradesh, India. Uttar Pradesh is India's most populated state with than 200 million inhabitants. With the addition of these two women, ages 19 and 42, four women have been killed in the last few weeks under similar circumstances. (Two women were found dead hanging from trees in May).

These types of attacks have been happening for a while, reports BBC’s Geeta Pandey, but have only recently gained media attention due to public outcry and a greater number of police reports. Why, though, are women being hung from trees in the first place?

Uttar Pradesh is home to a large impoverished community, and poor, disadvantaged women are being targeted in these horrific attacks. The families alleged that the women were also raped, however, a post-mortem examination proves death by hanging. Rape was not a factor in either death, but it is still an ever-present issue in India — made clear by a number of recent news reports of rape and gang rape across the country.

So how can you help these innocent women?

The United Nations launched a campaign in support of women's rights in India on May 21, 2014. "Women are half of the world's potential and every single one has a right to a life free from discrimination." The UN Women’s #HeForShe campaign, urges men to "tweet for women's equality using the hashtag #HeForShe."

In addition to using the hashtag #HeForShe to show your support for women in India, the Fund For UN Women accepts donations to enable them to better serve women in need. Donate to this worthy cause here.

The women of India don't deserve to live in fear. They don't deserve to be hung from trees. They don't deserve to be raped. They deserve the equal rights and protections that all humans are entitled to.