A-List Links: Mila Kunis Opens Up About Her Pregnancy

Mila Kunis

Plus, Kim Kardashian gets the cold shoulder from President Obama and the First Lady.

Mila Kunis speaks up about odorous cravings and her engagement to Ashton Kutcher. She finds it funny that people were oblivious to some of the biggest changes, but she likes having those special moments to herself. (Huffington Post Celebrity)

Samantha Harris is fighting the good fight against breast cancer. Her main priority is making sure that her daughters understand that mommy may be sick, but they shouldn't be afraid. (CelebrityBabyScoop)

POTUS doesn't look upon Kanye West and his fiancee with kindness. Kim Kardashian has a long history of trying to schmooze with President Obama and the First Lady. She's been denied at every turn. Kim tried to interact with the President at Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation gala, but was summarily ignored. (RadarOnline)

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale was spotted getting cozy with her BF on a lunch date in Studio City. They may just be having fun, but the couple looks super cute! (Wetpaint)

The creation of a social media site for instant updates, stream-of-conscious posting sounds good, but was probably a terrible idea in hindsight. Celebrities and common folk alike are making nuisances of themselves via Twitter. Lady Gaga is a popular offender. This week, the pop artist attacks singer Katy Perry. (TooFab)

Drag queens are fabulous. They can (and usually do) show up most of the human population on a daily basis. Here's a list of the fiercest, finest, and most amazing drag queens ever! (Ranker)