'Game Of Thrones' Season 4 Spoilers: Does Lysa Arryn Die?

We hope Lysa Arryn dies, and her creepy son follows suit.

We almost forgot about Lysa Arryn until this past week when she returned in all her glory — and let's not forget about her creepy son whose got a serious Oedipus complex.

Don't remember exactly who she is? Lysa Arryn is Catelyn Stark's sister and the lady from season one who would not stop breastfeeding her 10-year-old child (It was yucky, seriously disturbing). Her husband, Jon Arryn, was the Hand of The King before the Lannisters "killed him," forcing Ned Stark to move to King's Landing to take his place. Although, last week we learned that Lysa actually poisoned her husband so she could marry Littlefinger. Basically, everything that's happened in this show, including Ned Stark's death, is all Lysa's fault.

Last week on Game of Thrones we, of course, learned that not only was Lysa responsible for her husband's death, but Petyr Baelish was behind the whole thing. Lysa and Littlefinger tie the knot and had, what sounded like, quite the wedding night. She also accuses Sansa of hooking up with Littlefinger and gets seriously possessive over a guy who clearly still loves Catelyn.

So what becomes of Lysa Arryn?

This article contains spoilers from A Song of Ice and Fire series. So quit reading if you don't want to know, and please remember the show may differ from the book, so what you read below may not reflect everything that happens on your screen.

If you haven't guessed already, Lysa Arryn isn't around for very long. We could already tell that Littlefinger wasn't super interested in her and her jealous rage won't benefit her in the end.

Lysa's jealousy toward Sansa's relationship with Petyr continues and is somewhat justified when she spots the pair kissing. Of course, Sansa is not the one who initiates the liplock, but Lysa will attempt to push Sansa out the moon door. Littlefinger comes to her rescue, talking Lysa down, assuring her that he's only ever loved one woman. When Lysa releases Sansa from her grips, Petyr says that Cat was his one true love and pushes Lysa out the moon door.

We seriously cannot wait for this death. It's going to be magical and we kind of hope he pushes Robin out the door with his mother, but we usually aren't that lucky, which means Robin will become a total monster.

Next week on Season 4, Episode 6, "The Laws of Gods and Men," Stannis and Davos will head to the Iron Bank of Braavos in hopes of borrowing money to fund an army. Tyrion's trial begins next week and thus a battle with the Lannisters. Dany will meet with supplicants and begin her ruling in Meereen. Finally, Theon is back next week and Yara is out to save her brother from Ramsay Snow.